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Incubators – In stock now!

Incubator Set up

First why are ours better than amazon?

#1 Lamp and bulb

Our lamps have an on off switch, not a dial (which we dont use anyway). The bulbs are infrared ceramic heat bulbs which means no light. Puppies eyes are extremely sensitive to light when they first open.

Amazon incubators come with lights that are like THE SUN. 

The infrared bulbs also stay hot for longer which means the heat from the lamps helps to keep the box warmer for longer. 


#2 Thermostats 

Usually amazon incubators come with a stick on thermometer (which may or may not include the double sided tape). There’s no temperature control which means you’re constantly fiddling around with the lamp dial because it’s inconsistent.

This leads to concerns for both hyperthermia and cooking the babies. 

Our incubators come with programmable thermostats that the lamp plugs into. The thermostat probe drops directly into the box. Set the desired temperature and let the thermostat do the work for you.


#3 Grommets, circulation, and attachment points 

Amazon incubators more often than not do NOT come with grommets (black plugs with slits) for their attachments, which leaves gaping holes in the box and instability for tools when used. If they do come with grommets and vents, most likely you have to put them in yourself. If you’re not careful you can cut yourself on the metal vents or crack the plastic.

Our incubators come with preinstalled grommets in 2 sizes and vents.

Small and large grommets allow for oxygen, nebulizers, and other miscellaneous cords. The large grommet is especially helpful for travel, as our travel heating pad cord fits right through the hole. 

Some boxes come with a heating pad but no hole to put the cord through! So your heating pad cord is coming out of the lid or door, which leaves open space in your box for instability and injury of puppies.

We also put in a hole specifically in the top of the incubator for the thermostat probe so you DON’T have to run under the lid or jam it in the door! 


#4 Handle! 

The door clips can be a pain to open since they’re flush to the door. We send along a handle to make it easier than ever to open the door without frustration. 

Sometimes we have “imperfect” incubators available at discounted prices. Most often this is due to damage during shipping. I inspect each box upon arrival and decide if they are safe and effective to sell at a DISCOUNTED rate!

Sometimes The drill may jam and slightly crack the polypropylene. As long as my pressure test doesn’t fail, they’re good to go.

Order yours today! We have PLENTY in stock

  • Included
  • Dimensions
  • Shipping and More
  • Additional Photos

Programmable Thermostat

Heat Lamp with Ceramic Infrared Bulb


Access points for Oxygen, Nebulizer, and Misc Cords

Soft Bedding

Travel Heating Pad and Converter

Handle (to be positioned on the front door of the box)

This box is foldable for easy storage

Wheels located at the bottom

Size: 52L, 20w x 14d x 11h

UPS – Shipping available anywhere in the US and Puerto Rico

For Canada – please order a week or so ahead of time to make sure your order arrives on time – FedEx

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french bulldog

French Bulldog Breeder Virginia and French Bulldog 
Le pepite Frenchies

Le Pepite Frenchies is a small, experienced breeder, established in 2018 with a family of Frenchies nationwide.

Producing quality French bulldogs.

Located in Northern Virginia, we have loved frenchies from a young age, finally welcoming our first French bulldog puppy in 2018, Elsa, the piebald.

After studying with our mentor for two years, we produced our first 2 litters in 2020.

We’re proud to be members of AKC (American Kennel Club) and CKC (Continental Kennel Club).

Health testing through UC Davis or Animal Genetics and proper pairings based on DNA, structure, and temperament are very important to us.

We specialize in colors such as:

Blue, Lilac, Merle, Tan Points, Chocolate, Platinum, Intensity and more varieties while maintaining functionality and great health.

Families are guaranteed a beautiful, fun, and reliable companion to be included in all adventures, great examples of the french bulldog breed.

All of our dogs are obedience trained in house. Training starts around 5-6 weeks of age.

Are you looking for French Bulldog Puppies ?!

All of our puppies and dogs are cared for in a loving home environment as part of the family, never raised in cages.

They enjoy various activities throughout their day including puppy socialization, pad training, photography, learning commands, and play time.

All Puppies Come With:

First Vaccine (series of 4 total)



Vet Wellness Record

Registration or Litter Certificate

Welcome Home Kit

1 Year Health Guarantee Contract

Lifetime mentoring for puppy parents and breeders who we work with!

The French Bulldog

French Bulldog Carrying cigarettes


The French Bulldog’s story begins in England during the 19th century. English lace workers, seeking a small companion to keep them company and help control the rat population, bred smaller versions of the English Bulldog for this purpose.

When the industrial revolution displaced many of these workers, they moved to France, bringing theses small dogs with them.

In France that these dogs were crossbred with other breeds, creating the modern French Bulldog we know and love today.

Cream French Bulldog

Size and Weight

French Bulldogs are a compact breed, standing about 11 to 12 inches tall at the shoulder. As for their weight, they typically range between 16 to 28 pounds, depending on gender and individual differences.

They’re also known for their short stubby tails, which occurs more often than not, naturally in the breed.

Blue Pied French Bulldog

Coat and Colors

Their coat is short, shiny, and comes in a variety of colors including brindle, fawn, cream, and white. Some French Bulldogs also have a distinctive pattern called piebald.

Newer colors such as blue, lilac, merle, chocolate, Rojo, Isabella, and fluffy are becoming popular.

Merle French Bulldog

Facial Features

One of the most recognizable features of a French Bulldog is its bat-like ears, standing erect on the top of its square-shaped head. Coupled with their expressive, round dark eyes and flat nose, French Bulldogs have a distinctive and adorable face that is hard to resist.

Lilac French Bulldog

Health Problems and Lifespan

Like any breed, French Bulldogs are prone to certain health conditions. Not all Frenchies will get any or all of these diseases, but it’s essential to be aware of them if you’re considering this breed. Brachycephalic syndrome, hip dysplasia, IVDD, and certain types of skin conditions are among the most common genetic health problems that can affect them.

The average lifespan of a French Bulldog is around 10 to 12 years. Regular check-ups with the vet, a balanced diet, and adequate exercise can contribute to a healthier and longer life.

Pied French bulldog, Trindle

Personality and Temperament

French Bulldogs are known for their friendly and affectionate nature. They are generally good-natured, playful, and get along well with humans and other animals alike.

French bulldogs also make unique sounds and noises unlike any other breed. They’re goofy and carefree.


Scooters leash journey started today. I think for him it’s more about depth and new surface textures. Even at a slight incline/decline he stops and freezes, also when we cross the road. Treats/foods are not a high enough reward for him but TOYS are the hero’s. So he had a good session this morning and I’ll take him out again this afternoon to see if we can tackle the crossways. I’d say he’ll be a pro in no time since I got him on a full blown walk in a few minutes. I unleashed a whole new man! Hopping and skipping of happiness! . . . . #fyp #fypage #fypシ #fypdog #fypdogs #fypdogggggg #fyppuppy #frenchbulldog #frenchbulldogs #frenchie #frenchies #frenchielove #frenchielife #frenchieoftheday #frenchielover

♬ original sound – Le Pepite Frenchies

Why is Le Pepite Frenchies Different?

World Famous Bloodlines:

Mr. Attitude, Mr. Miyagi, Don lines, Head Honcho of Spalding Farm Bullies

Smooth Transactions:

Whether you’re purchasing a pup or using a stud. From start to finish, registering your litter, and ongoing support. All clients are treated like family members.

Superior health:

All parents are health tested through UC Davis or Animal Genetics to ensure proper breeding.

Every Le Pepite breeding dog has been health tested and color tested. This is extremely important with this brachycephalic breed (flat faced breed) and their genetic health issues.

Bitches are also given prenatal vitamins to prevent cleft palate and cleft lip, providing optimal health during pregnancy.

Amazing temperament:

Fit for service training. Past pup Littles McFlurry now Harley Quinn of Elsa and Osiris is currently being trained in scent work for allergens and sugar levels!

All puppies come with a Le Pepite Health Guarantee that is valid against all genetic health issues and illnesses:

Puppies will never be affected by any of these genetic disorders:

Canine Multifocal Retinopathy 1 (CMR1)

Canine multifocal retinopathy 1 is an inherited eye disease characterized by areas of retinal detachment. The disease does not typically lead to blindness or vision deficits.

Degenerative Myelopathy (DM)

Degenerative myelopathy (DM) is an inherited neurologic disorder of dogs characterized by gradual muscle wasting and loss of coordination typically beginning in the hind limbs.

Hyperuricosuria (HUU)

Hyperuricosuria is an inherited disorder characterized by elevated levels of uric acid in the urine that can lead to the formation of bladder/kidney stones.

Juvenile Hereditary Cataract (JHC)

Juvenile hereditary cataracts are an inherited form of cataracts that commonly cause blindness in dogs by clouding the lens of the eye and affecting both eyes symmetrically.

Potty training in progress:

We use turf to acclimate and familiarize to the feeling of grass with all pups, making potty training a breeze for new families.

Pet Wellness:

First Shot (Five way- Duramune max 5) and Deworming (Pyrantel Paomate) are included with your pup. We also preventative treat for coccidia. Each pup also comes with a vet wellness record that we acquire before you pick up your puppy!

french bulldog puppies for sale

Vet Wellness Checkups


Raised in the pack, familiar with dogs of all sizes, approved friends and family interactions.

Your nugget’s story begins and ends with lifetime support of the Le Pepite Frenchies family.

The moments when a Le Pepite Frenchies puppy first meets their new family, are the most magical.

Every presentation is an emotional one, filled with anticipation, excitement, happiness, and even nervousness.

Nervous because the breeder is entrusting you with this little, tiny, precious and adorable life. But not to worry! You are now a lifetime member of the Le Pepite Family.

Instead of one and done, Le Pepite Frenchies offers Lifetime Support through your journey with your French Bulldog.

Not only are we here for parent support, but breeder support as well!

We’ll check in from time to time and enjoy when you check in with us or have questions.


No more days without laughing. Your Frenchie will be one-of-a-kind. They make the bad days great, and the great days the best. Take them on all your adventures to enjoy every aspect of your bond.

We’re here for every great moment and all the ones that aren’t so great too.

Bring them to visit and play.

Meet us for dinner, lunch, or coffee!

Reach out anytime!

Remember just because someones says they have purebred dogs doesn’t mean they’re well bred!

Artificial Insemination kit - Gloves, Lube, Pipette, Syringe

Artificial Insemination – why and how

Artificial Insemination – The process

We prefer ai (artificial insemination).

The ai (artificial insemination) itself is simple and rather fast, no longer than thirty minutes from start to finish.

How its done:

  • Semen is collected into a bag and drawn up into a syringe with some air to help push the semen through the pipette.
  • The syringe is attached to a pipette that is then inserted into the female.
  • The female then stays elevated and stimulated for 10-15 minutes and will be refrained from urinating for at least thirty minutes.

Breeding Females

Females start on Bstrong around 6 months of age. Bstrong is a vitamin supplement that supports great reproductive health and health in general, in both puppies and adults.

Once the females reach 18-24 months of age, they will be ready to breed.

For the process of artificial insemination, all females begin with progesterone testing at day seven, as its imperative for proper timing of insemination.

Progesterone Testing

Progesterone testing is a blood test that measures the reproductive hormone levels of the females.

It can often take four to five tests or even more for the females’ levels to rise to the proper number and up to twenty three days.

Once the hormone levels reach a certain number, the ai (artificial insemination) is then performed.

Having our own studs gives us an added benefit

We don’t have to use an outside stud and we can do breedings right here in our own home!

Starting at 6 months of age, males are given “oxystud” which is a multivitamin supplement that supports male reproductive health, and we begin prepping for breeding.

Once males become of breeding age (seven-twelve months), their semen is then evaluated by a licensed veterinarian. Counts, mobility, and motility are all assessed.

We have our own microscope to check before each In House breeding to make sure the semen is viable.

All Shipped Semen will be prepared and boxed by our Licensed Veterinarian. The box will include a Semen Analysis. Fedex

If you’re interested in using our studs, we offer sided by side in person ai (artificial insemination) or shipped semen (shipped via our Veterinarian through Fedex).

Due to sexually transmitted diseases even found in dogs, we do not offer natural breedings for the safety of our animals and yours.

If you’d like more information on the process of studding, click here.

French Bulldog in Car seat

AKC vs CKC- what’s the difference and why it matters

American Kennel Club vs CKC Continental Kennel Club

Pricing is based on kennel registration, full or limited rights, and color with or without DNA testing and results.

Elsa, Dahlia, and Tucker are CKC registered.

But what’s the difference between American Kennel Club and Continental Kennel Club?


  • Registers purebred dogs with AKC parentage ONLY.
  • Recognizes 175 purebred dog breeds
  • Registry has been keeping records since the 1880’s


  • Registers purebred and mixed dog breeds
  • Recognizes 450 purebred dog breeds
  • Registry has been keeping records since the 1990s

American Kennel Club is the breeders’ choice for these reasons:

  • They only recognizes purebred dogs, while CKC allows owners to register mixed breeds.
  • AKC has been keeping records for over 130 years, therefore the dog’s lineage can be traced back a long line. Versus CKC’s 30 years.
  • AKC offers many, many different options and benefits to breeders and puppy parents. Training courses, breeder kennel registration, pet insurance, and more.
  • CKC allows dogs to be registered based on photos and references stating the dog is “purebred” or the breed wishing to be registered, without a pedigree.

That’s not to discredit CKC at all!

Elsa, Dahlia, and Tucker are currently only CKC registered but we have a complete pedigree on them, and they have great AKC lines from well-known breeders!


Mr. Attitude, Mr. Miyagi, Don lines, and Spalding Farm Bullies Head Honcho.

Because Dahlia is from Elsa she couldn’t be registered American Kennel Club.

The reason they couldn’t be registered AKC is because some of the kennel clubs in Europe aren’t accredited through AKC, so they wont accept transfer.

If your dog isn’t AKC registered it may be almost impossible to become so, depending on the situation.

AKC does not accept blood tests to prove breed or purity of breed, they only want to see AKC lineage, therefore they don’t accept any “new” unregistered dogs into their program.

When purchasing a CKC dog always ask for pedigree and lineage, if this is unavailable, ask for dna testing.

If you wish to register your dog with CKC, it can be quite simple.

There are a few options:

· Option 1: if the parents of your puppy are both registered to CKC already, all you must do is used your signed form, go to the website and type in all of the information.

· Option 2: If one parent of a puppy is AKC and the other CKC, you can still do the same, but it may take some additional information. Like the AKC breeder’s information and approval

· Option 3: Starting from scratch- You will be asked to fill out paperwork. In that paperwork you will be asked to provide 2 witnesses verifying the authenticity of the breed and 3 pictures of the dog, should you be starting with no other parental information.

What’s nice about dual registering:

(or just being registered CKC) is that you can send CKC – the dog’s AKC pedigree.

They will upload all the information into the system so when you register a CKC litter, parents can purchase a complete pedigree!

For example. Elsa’s litter was registered CKC. Since both of Elsa’s parents and Elsa’s pedigree are already in their system, her side of the pedigree was ready to go.

However, without the father’s side, you cannot purchase a pedigree. Osiris is dual registered, but until now CKC didn’t have any of his lineage in the system, so I sent them his full AKC pedigree.

CKC offers photo id cards, photo registration, photo pedigrees, pedigrees, and members have the option to add a picture of their dog to the registration papers. Breeders can be added to a trusted breeder list.

What do we think of registrations?

We feel that if you can purchase a pedigree for your pup or view parental pedigree whether it be from AKC or CKC, why limit yourself to a pet based on club registry?

We call it registry blindness.

Just because breeders prefer AKC, doesn’t mean CKC dogs are any less healthy or that they’re poorly bred. Just make sure when you’re looking for your breeder, that they do the necessary testing to ensure healthy, happy puppies.

Over time, we think CKC will become just as popular as AKC or maybe more. REMEMBER, just because a dog is REGISTERED and PUREBRED doesn’t mean it was WELL bred either.

Which is why it’s so important to find a reliable and educated breeder.

Look for breed clubs for more fun opportunities!

French Bulldog Color and Dna

French Bulldog Color Dna

– What you need to know-

Color and DNA

Colors are something we’re very passionate about along with good structure.

French bulldogs comes in various shades and colors.

The most common colors being the standard colors such as fawn, brindle, and pied.

Other colors are becoming increasingly popular.

With the current trends, often times dogs with exotic colors don’t have good structure. They’re either too big, extremely lanky, disproportionate, or unhealthy.

It is important to find dogs with great structure when considering breeding.

Keep in mind as new genes are introduced the kinks need to be worked out over many generations.

That being said don’t be afraid of purchasing a dog that doesn’t have the EXACT dna youre looking for.

Brindle, trindle, and pied dogs produce the best structure but the color can be bred out over a generation or 2, producing an incredibly structured dog with the color you desire!

Understanding what you can create and knowing what the dogs color DNA is before a breeding is VERY important, especially if you have certain goals you wish to reach.

Knowing what genes are dominant

K locus is the most dominant gene with sub genes like KY (allows the agouti gene to express- also known as no brindle), KB (Dominant black – with no tan points expressing), and KBR (Brindle/Trindle).

Agouti A Locus has many sub genes like, fawn/sable(ay), tan points(at), and recessive black(a).

The fawn/sable gene(ay) will almost always dominate over blue (dilute- d) and tan points (at) but is not dominant over Brindle.

With “Ay” Fawn you can achieve Blue Fawn, Lilac Fawn, Chocolate Fawn, Isabella Fawn: colors expressing within the Fawn.

For our first breeding experience, we co-owned a Blue Fawn Merle Pied female with another breeder.

One of the puppies produced seemed to be born full Blue. As he grew, the Blue faded into Fawn.

His DNA is: ay/at (fawn/tan) EM/EM (black mask) d/d (blue dilute), n/co (carries coco), E/E(black), n/s (carrier pied) – Not carrying Brindle.

So, although he is full Dilute Blue and carrying only one copy of each Tan and Fawn, the Fawn overpowers the Tan. Blue will express but is lessened with the fawn (you can see a tint within the fawn). Also, because he is a Merle you can see some Blue spots, especially in his face.

Isabella DNA is dd bb

For new shade, the DNA would be bb dd coco

AKC and ABKC do not (at this time) recognize “fad” or “exotic” colors for show, however they are still able to be registered and can compete for points in other areas like agility.

Retiring Female French bulldog

Retiring Females

Retiring Females aren’t available often.

Retiring French Bulldogs

While we love all our dogs and they’re part of the family, it’s unrealistic to keep everyone.

We carefully choose where the retiring adults are placed and we don’t often have them because we are so small.

Placement is based on the personality of the dog, special requirements if needed (Such as- needs another dog to hang out with or doesn’t like crates), and the routine and lifestyle of the new parent/family.

They are loved here, but when they go to their new homes they blossom into a forever pet, expressing amazing traits we maybe not have experienced before.

One of our retired females, Poppy, was like a ping pong ball, always bounced off the walls. Now in her new home she has become “Zen” dog. She enjoys naps, cuddling with her little Frenchie brother (who is also from us), playing in the water hose, sweaters, and rolling in the grass.

We rehome these ladies for a small fee but either spay before they leave or require spay as soon as they go to their new homes. We do not like to spay at c – section because there are risks.

All retiring dogs will come with a contract, vet records including vaccines, and microchip that can be registered to any free lifetime site.

Intervertebral Disk Disease

Intervertebral Disk Disease or IVDD

French Bulldogs, with their bat-like ears and smushed faces, have won the hearts of many.

Yet, their unique and endearing appearance also makes them prone to certain health conditions.

One such condition is Intervertebral Disk Disease (IVDD).

But what exactly is this disease, and how does it affect our beloved French Bulldogs?

Remember this condition is not limited to french bulldogs. This can happen in ANY breed. Often seen in dachshunds, cocker spaniels, corgis, german shepherds, and any other long spined and dwarf breeds.

It could even happen to Winston! Winner of Westminster!

What is Intervertebral Disk Disease?

Intervertebral Disk Disease (IVDD) is a serious and often painful condition that affects the spine. The disease occurs when the cushioning discs between the vertebrae of the spinal column either bulge or burst (herniate) into the spinal cord space.

These discs then press on the nerves running through the spinal cord, causing pain, nerve damage, and in severe cases, paralysis.

Why Does it Occur?

To understand why IVDD occurs, let’s first dive into the anatomy of a French Bulldog’s spine.

Just like humans, French Bulldogs have a complex spinal structure.

Their spine consists of numerous small bones, known as vertebrae, which are separated by cushion-like discs.

These discs act as shock absorbers, preventing the vertebrae from rubbing against each other and allowing the spine to flex and bend.

However, in IVDD, these shock absorbers start to malfunction. The discs begin to harden (degenerate), and instead of cushioning the vertebrae, they bulge or burst into the spinal cord space.

This puts pressure on the nerves in the spinal cord, leading to the symptoms of IVDD.

French Bulldog Structure:

The unique structure of French Bulldogs might make them look adorable, but it also puts additional strain on their spine.

Their short legs and long back are a risk factor for spinal problems, including IVDD.

French Bulldog Health:

Maintaining a healthy weight is crucial in preventing and managing IVDD.

Obesity can put additional strain on the spine, increasing the risk of disc degeneration.

A balanced diet, combined with regular, moderate exercise, can help maintain a healthy weight and keep the spine strong and flexible.

Environment for Your Frenchie:

It’s crucial with french bulldogs to try to maintain proper activity. Dogs will be dogs. But maintaining what you CAN control is important.

Limit the use of stairs, we only allow our frenchies to go up small steps, such as the ones on your front patio leading to your house.

Do not allow high jumping. Training your french bulldog in agility and cool tricks may look fun, but “placing” on to high objects can be dangerous.

Make sure to have soft landing spots, should you not be able to train your dog to use steps or ramps.

Baby Gates are an awesome tool to give freedom but limit access to dangerous situation.

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