Dog Breast Milk | Canine Breast Milk and Lactation, A Wild & Deep Dive into Canine Milk Composition

Dog Breast Milk

Hey there, dog lover! Ever wondered what’s in that magic potion we call canine breast milk? Well, it’s a veritable cocktail of life-giving goodies. It’s like the secret recipe to a puppy’s super growth, only this isn’t locked in a vault at KFC. This liquid gold from our four-legged friends is more than just the … Read more

Weekly Puppy Development | Birth to 8 Weeks Comprehensive Guide

Weekly Puppy Development

Updates with Portia’s Puppy – Meatloaf! Think you know everything about your new puppy? Think again. Understanding the stages of puppy development is not just for breeders, it’s for every new or prospective dog owner. The first eight weeks of a newborn pup’s life are filled with significant milestones that are influenced by both their … Read more

French Bulldog Pregnancy Stages : 9 weeks of Fun French Bulldog Pregnancy Timeline Updates

Breeding French Bulldogs

Blog post will be UPDATED WEEKLY or more frequently as we progress through pregnancy with Portia!!!! Also including Dahlia! French Bulldog Pregnancy Stages Week by Week: A Comprehensive Guide Are you interested in learning about the french bulldog pregnancy stages week by week? Dive into this comprehensive guide, which covers every aspect of canine pregnancy … Read more

How Many Puppies Do French Bulldogs Have? Unraveling the Mystery of Litter Size

how many puppies do french bulldogs have

Ever wondered, “how many puppies do French Bulldogs have?” Well, you’re not alone. This question stumps many potential Frenchie mama and mom-to-be owners. In dog speak, a litter refers to the group of puppies a mother dog gives birth to at one time. For our adorable French Bulldogs, understanding the size of their litters is … Read more

Why Do Dogs Steal Your Things? Unraveling Canine Behavior: A Guide

Why Do Dogs Steal Your Things

Ever wondered why your furry friend seems to have a knack for stealing your things? Well, you’re not alone. This common canine behavior can be quite puzzling, but understanding it can strengthen the bond between you and your four-legged pal. From socks to remote controls, dogs are known to swipe anything that catches their fancy. … Read more