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Danielle’s Story

I grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania with a life long love of animals.

I used to raise tadpoles I’d find in our pool, pick up any animal I could find, to look at it and then put it back where I found it. Including frogs, toads, tree frogs, rescuing mice out of the pool, salamanders, craw fish, turtles, snakes.

If I found it, it was looked at!

We’ve had bats fly in our chimney, owls breeding in our back yard, hummingbirds needing guidance out of the garage, and of course the occasional Finch that would have an accident in our window needing some help getting back on it’s feet.

I have always been quick to show compassion and love to living things around me.

I started breeding guppies and balloon mollies (livebearing fish) when I was in my teens, and did that for many years off and on. The beginning was hard, I made a lot of mistakes as most kids do when the get into something they don’t understand and are excited about. For example, not cycling the tank and throwing about 5 fish in. I overloaded the system that hadn’t even been given a chance to balance and lost everything.


I sourced fish from all over the united states. Thats how my genetics and colors interest started. My favorites were the purples and lavenders. Look up Purple Dragon Mosaic, Metal Blue King Cobra, and Lavender Grass.

Who would have ever guessed there would be a cult following for fancy guppies!? They even have competitions and shows!!!!

Before I knew it I was selling fish to the local stores, I had more than I knew what to do with. It was a blast!

I tried my hand at Angel Fish, but those are a bit harder, never could get past the first week after hatching.

I’ve kept brackish tanks with shrimp and crabs, I’ve had geckos, bearded dragons, tree frogs, and ball pythons.

Owning horses has also been a life long dream.

When I was little my dad used to tell stories about how his parents bred dachshunds, which of course fueled my desire to breed dogs. They never allowed me to because it was “too much work.” He also used to tell stories about owning and racing horses, which is what sparked that desire as well. I forgot about them and focused on being a kid.

I went to college to be a pastry chef, worked in the industry for 10 years. I grew tired of not getting any family time, working holidays and late nights, the sexual harassment that’s rampant in the food industry, understaffing, and the horrible pay.

I branched out into other food industry related jobs but by that point I had lost the passion I once had for the career in food.

I met David, we got Elsa, our first french bulldog , and started what I had always dreamed of.

My childhood dreams blossoming before me.

Health and temperament is always the top priority. It’s imperative that all families go home with a life companion.

Compared to other kennels with 15 or more dogs, we’re a small family operation and I love it that way.

The science of breeding and colors are fascinating to me. Everything about it is intriguing.

Working closely with our reproductive vet, I am continually learning and growing. Our vets regularly compete in Akc shows and Westminster. They hold titles such as best breeding bitch, best in breed. Our vets are also preservation breeders, which allows me to learn even more about things such as line breeding, freezing semen for long periods of time even 20-30 years, and more.

I have learned how to deal with and identify so many different problems just by being present in exams and c sections. This is important for breeders, especially french bulldog breeders. Frenchies are a very special breed that require extra care and attention.

When you work with Pepite you become a family member for life.

Here on the site you’ll find informational blogs about all kinds of things from crates and toys to whelping and genetics, as a french bulldog breeder I feel this is an important way to get to know me and the breed.

Enjoy and thanks for visiting!

We’d be honored to become your french bulldog breeder.

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