Canine Progesterone Testing | The 5 Best Dog Progesterone Testing Machines

By: Danielle Harris

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Progesterone testing machine
Progesterone test results
Progesterone Test Results – Vet Cube and Idexx Labs – notice the small difference on 10/6 between Vet Cube and Idexx. I did not run the test on Vet Cube on 10/2 after running Idexx because the result would read <1.2 (under/less than 1.2)

Picking a canine progesterone testing machine can seem overwhelming because there are so many options.

With many vets charging over $100 per test, a machine canine progesterone testing machine may be a smart investment for you.

We’ll go over options from all price points.

Here at Pepite we have the Cube Vet progesterone testing machine.

Clinical strength, it’s pretty “stupid proof”, comes with all the goods in a bundle, and we’ve compared it to vet numbers – true to comparison.

The thing to remember about these progesterone testing machines is each one has a different numbering system.

It’s important to calibrate your progesterone testing machine whether it’s literally calibrating or knowing the difference between your system and the vets.

Your clients also need to understand that as well. With the Cube, a 14 is an Idexx 24.

I have had to explain to clients more than once that the numbering system is different. I also send charts and labels with clients to give to vets to make things easier.

ONLY IF YOU KNOW OVULATION DAY- after ovulation, number values don’t matter. They could skyrocket over night but that doesn’t mean you missed it. We test up until ovulation, after that, no.

For example: Ovulation on Monday at a number 5(cube). Breed on Wednesday but she’s a 17(cube). This is ok Because you knew ovulation day.

Eggs need two days to mature once ovulation numbers are reached.

We breed on ovulation to get it in.

The official breeding starts 48 hours after ovulation, then again after 36 hours, and one last time after another 36 hours.

For a total of 5 days in the breeding window (not including breeding on ovulation).

If you don’t know ovulation day and numbers are extremely high its recommended to do TCI or surgical insemination.

For example: If you bring a dog to us at day 9 of bleeding and she’s a 24 on idexx (14 on cube vet), she will need a surgical insemination. She could have ovulated on day 5 or 7 or even day 3.

Progesterone Chart Idexx Cube Vet
Canine Progesterone Testing Machine

Progesterone Testing Machines

Quick Scan Mini – Ovulation Detector

Grow your profits with the Quick Scan MINI

Test your dog’s progesterone yourself with the Quick Scan MINI™

Run your serum directly to the test strip

NO BUFFER REQUIRED! Fast, Easy, and Accurate! One-of-a-kind testing!

*Cannot be used for late stage fertility and surgical breedings.

  • Simplest to run
  • LH Surge through low to middle fertility range, not recommended for later stage fertility readings (cube vet is recommended)
  • serum to test direct, no buffer, reducing operator error
  • shelf stable tests
  • Best machine for traveling


$1999 (on sale now!)

Quick Scan Mini - Canine P4
Progesterone Testing machine
Quick Scan Mini – Canine P4

Wondfo Finecare – Entry Level

  • Lowest Cost per test
  • No refrigeration of tests needed
  • 15 minute test time
  • Low maintenance, No calibration required(each box of tests has a calibration id chip)
  • Small in size
  • Built in Printer
  • Built in incubator

Runs about $2700, new and refurbished

Bundle $4500 (on sale now! $2700)


  • multiple steps – piping serum into buffer, mixing in vortex, repiping into test
  • piping on to the tiny test strip
Wondfo Finecare Progesterone Testing machine
Wondfo Finecare

The 5 Best Canine Progesterone Testing Machines:

Cube Vet – Reproduction and Health Screening Analyzer – The Progesterone Testing Machine We Trust and Use!

  • 8 Minute progesterone test time- fastest in the industry.
  • Touch Screen
  • Clinical Accuracy
  • Best in class test time AND sample size (40ul or 5ul)
  • Best in class for reverse progesterone and C-section timing.
  • Highly reliable Austrian engineering supported in the U.S.
  • ISO certified, clinical level
  • Remote diagnostics- instantly resolve any issues.
  • Low maintenance, no calibration required.(each test box comes with calibration chip)
  • Saves test results in the machine for later reference
  • No Incubation or mixing necessary, pipe the serum directly into the test and run the test.
  • Tests are shelf stable until vacuum seal is open, then refrigerate.
  • Can also screen for T4 for thyroid, Lipase for pancreas, Fructosamine for diabetes, ccrp for Inflammation, and total bile acid for liver function.


  • Bluetooth is finicky
  • Refrigeration of tests required once package is open


$4200 machine only

$4800 reproduction start up bundle (the bundle we purchased)

$5400 reproduction premier bundle


We 100% stand behind this machine. We have done a couple hundred breedings on this machine and have had success every time!

progesterone testing machine
Cube Vet Progesterone testing machine
progesterone testing machine
Progesterone Testing Machine – Vet Cube
progesterone testing
Progesterone testing machine – Vet Cube
breeding french bulldogs
Progesterone testing machine – Vet Cube

VCheck V200 Bionote

Easy, Fast, Dependable, Veterinary Accuracy, and Very Affordable!

The Bionote Vcheck V200 is used in over 7,000 Vet, research, and testing labs all over the world.

Test in-house and save time and money, and fewer vet visits!

Test on your time and get veterinarian-level results!

Canine progesterone, TSH, T4 and so much more!

  • Superior Korean Engineering, US sales, and service.
  • Veterinarian level results.
  • Correlated to a Immulite 1000
  • Color touch screen
  • Requires 1x monthly calibration with calibration strips
  • Refrigeration required for test kits
  • Health Screening as well



These items are required to run the analyzer correctly (not included with this offering, see our bundle offerings)

  • Micro Centrifuge
  • Vortex Mixer (Recommended
  • 20-200ul Calibrated Pipette (Recommended)
Vcheck V200 - Canine P4
Vcheck V200 – Canine P4 Progesterone Testing machine

VCheck 2400 Bionote

Bionote check V2400 Veterinarian level

Automatic Analyzer

Introducing the Vcheck V2400 Bionote Canine Progesterone Machine including ongoing VIP

Customer Support, and a 2-year Replacement Warranty!

FREE 10 Test kit included!

Bionote’s Vcheck V2400 analyzer for Canine and Feline fluorescence immunoassay can help point-of-care testing for various health testing biomarkers, in-house at Your facilities!

The Vcheck V2400 provides quantitative measurement of 11 critical biomarker tests performed with serum, plasma, and whole blood

*Only available to the U.S

  • Large in size 20k (44lbs)
  • Color touch screen
  • Built in printer
  • Health screening
  • 70 tests per hour/24 at one time



Vcheck 2400 Bionote - Canine P4
Vcheck 2400 Bionote – Canine P4 Progesterone testing machine

Mini Vidas – Refurbished

The Clinical Level Mini Vidas Blue will run up to 12 tests of your Canine Progesterone in 45 minutes!

All Mini Vidas Blue systems are totally Refurbished, Tested, Quality Control Testing complete and report sent with every system sold.

All Refurbished systems come with a 90 Parts Warranty, including phone and email support from our engineers.

One and Two Year service contracts are also offered for your convenience.

Pricing: $14,500

Mini Vidas - Canine P4
Mini Vidas – Canine P4 Progesterone testing machine

Immulite 1000 Refurbished

The Immulite 1000 is the Gold Standard for Canine Testing including Progesterone test for dogs.

Run up to 80 Canine Progesterone tests for dogs per hour with the Immulite 1000.

All Immulite 1000 systems are totally Refurbished by manufacturer trained engineers, Tested, Quality Control Testing complete and report sent with every system we sell.

All Refurbished systems come with a 90 Parts Warranty.



If you havent already – Check out Canine P4 to view all machines, their package options, and more!

As you can see there are many different options

I like the Cube Vet because it has minimal steps which cuts down on margin for error.

Proper readings and good timing will increase success, litter size, health, allow for scheduling of events such as ultrasound, X-ray, due date, and c section.

Don’t forget just because a dog will be due on “xyz day”, doesnt mean she’s ready for C section. Please run reverse progesterone to measure progesterone level to confirm labor, avoiding premature delivery.

If you’re just starting out a less expensive option may be the best way for you to go. You can always upgrade!!!!!

Think about your needs. You won’t need a Vcheck 2400 or Immulite for 1 test a month or every 6 months.

For more info on whelping click here!

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