Best French Bulldog Toys 2023

By: Danielle Harris

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Best French Bulldog Toys

Best French Bulldog Toys 2023

Here’s the thing: Frenchies need more than just cuddles and belly rubs to thrive.

Providing them with appropriate toys is essential for their overall well-being. These not only keep them entertained but also help stimulate their minds and provide much-needed exercise.

We’ll explore why these toys are crucial for your Frenchie’s happiness and health. So, let’s jump right in and discover the best french bulldog toys, the perfect playthings that will keep your furry friend tail-waggingly happy!

Best French bulldog Toys 
Giggle Ball

Importance of toys for French Bulldogs:

French Bulldogs are adorable and playful companions that bring joy to our lives.

As responsible pet owners, it is crucial to understand the importance of providing them with suitable toys. They not only entertain our furry friends but also play a vital role in their overall well-being.

Let’s explore why toys are essential for French Bulldogs.

Preventing boredom and destructive behavior

French Bulldogs are intelligent creatures with a mischievous streak.

Without adequate stimulation, they can become bored easily, leading to destructive behavior such as chewing on furniture or excessive barking.

Toys serve as a great outlet for their energy and help prevent these undesirable habits.

Interactive options, such as puzzle feeders or treat-dispensing balls, challenge their problem-solving skills while keeping them engaged. These stimulate their minds and provide a healthy outlet for their natural curiosity.

Promoting physical exercise and mental stimulation

Just like humans, French Bulldogs need regular exercise to stay fit and healthy.

Engaging them in active playtime sessions with appropriate toys helps burn off excess energy, preventing obesity and related health issues.

Tug ropes, plush squeaky toys, or balls encourage physical activity while promoting bonding between you and your Frenchie.

Incorporating interactive games like hide-and-seek or fetch will not only keep them physically active but also mentally stimulated.

Aiding in teething, dental care, and overall oral health

French Bulldog puppies go through the teething phase just like any other breed. During this time, they experience discomfort due to emerging teeth. Providing them with suitable chew toys can alleviate this discomfort by redirecting their urge to chew onto something safe.

Chewing on appropriate objects helps promote dental hygiene by reducing plaque buildup and massaging the gums. Look for specially designed dental chews that aid in cleaning teeth while providing entertainment.

Best interactive toys for French Bulldogs:

Engaging Problem-Solving Skills with Interactive Puzzles

Interactive puzzles are designed to challenge your French Bulldog’s problem-solving abilities while keeping them mentally stimulated.

These typically involve hiding treats or small plush toys within compartments that your furry friend must figure out how to access.

The process of finding the hidden treasure requires critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

  1. Hide-and-Seek: These puzzle toys have multiple compartments where you can hide treats or small toys. Your French Bulldog will have a blast sniffing out the hidden goodies and using their paws or nose to open each compartment.
  2. Treat Dispenser Balls: These balls have openings where you can place treats inside. As your Frenchie rolls the ball around, it dispenses treats intermittently, encouraging them to keep playing and figuring out how to get more.
  3. Mazes: Maze-style puzzle toys challenge your dog’s ability to navigate through twists and turns to find a reward at the end. They’ll enjoy using their cognitive skills as they make their way through the maze.

Mental Stimulation during Mealtime with Treat-Dispensers

Mealtime doesn’t have to be just about eating; it can also be an opportunity for stimulation with treat-dispensing toys.

  1. Slow Feeders: Slow feeder bowls or lick mats require your French Bulldog to work a bit harder for their food by making them eat more slowly. This not only aids digestion but also provides stimulation as they figure out how to access each kibble piece from the various compartments.
  2. Interactive Food Puzzles: These have compartments or sliders that you can fill with your Frenchie’s favorite treats or kibble. As they move the pieces around, they are rewarded with tasty morsels, making mealtime more exciting and engaging.
Elsa Enjoying Her Puzzle
Puzzle Dog Toy

Puzzle Toy

Snuffle Mat

Snuffle Mat – Osiris Favorite!

Playfulness with Squeaky Plush

French Bulldogs love playful interactions, and squeaky toys offer both auditory stimulation and playfulness.

  1. Squeaky Plush Animals: Plushes with built-in squeakers will keep your Frenchie entertained for hours. The sound of the squeaker mimics prey-like sounds, triggering their natural instincts to investigate and play. Make sure to get toys that are reinforced for extra durability.
  2. Plush Ropes: Combining a plush toy with ropes adds an extra layer of fun for your French Bulldog. They can chew on the ropes while enjoying the softness of the plush, providing them with different textures to explore. However, when they start to fall apart, be sure to trash them to prevent mess and obstruction.

Top toys to keep Your French Bulldog entertained:

French Bulldogs are known for their playful and energetic nature. To keep them happy and engaged, it’s essential to provide them with the right toys.

Here are The Best French Bulldog Toys – Le Pepite Favorites

Durable and made from non-toxic materials

Frenchies have strong jaws, so it’s important to choose toys that can withstand their powerful bites. Opt for more durable chew toy options made from non-toxic materials to ensure your furry friend’s safety. Some great dog chew toy choices include:

  • Tough Rubber Treat Dispensing Dog Toy with Rope: Made from durable rubber, this toy can withstand even the strongest of chewers. Fill it with tasty treats or peanut butter to make it even more enticing.
  • Benebone Wishbone: Made from tough nylon material, these bones satisfy your Frenchie’s chewing instincts while promoting dental health. Also made with real ingredients and flavors such as peanuts, bacon, and chicken. These are a Pepite Favorite.
    • If you don’t want to think your dog pooped in your house everyday, avoid the dark colored ones.
    • These also hurt when you kick them, like stepping on legos. But they’re 100% worth it.
Shorty Chewing Benebone Wishbone

Rope tugs for interactive play with owners or other dogs

Interactive playtime is crucial for bonding with your French Bulldog.

Rope tug toys are excellent options as they allow you to engage in a fun game of tug-of-war together. These also provide an outlet for their natural instinct to pull and tug.

Here are some popular rope and tug of war toy choices:

  • Rope Tug: This thick and sturdy rope toy has multiple knots, making it ideal for interactive play sessions.
  • Plush Rope Tug: Your dog will love these because of the different textures!

Playing tug-of-war not only strengthens the bond between you and your Frenchie but also provides them with stimulation and physical exercise.

Rope Dog Toy

Rope Toy

Plush Dog Toy with rope

Plush Dog Toy with Ropes

Interactive Balls

These balls will keep your frenchie busy for hours!

  • Automatic Rolling Balls with LED flashing lights – This automatic pet ball has two modes, you can choose different modes depending on the ground in different, use crazy mode on top of the tile and wood floor, the sound will be louder than normal mode. Rechargeable and waterproof.
  • Wobble Giggle hamburger Dog Ball – By engaging our dog’s natural curiosity and instinct to play with giggling sounds when rolled or shaken, this toy keeps your pup active and entertained throughout the day providing great exercise for your best friend!
Giggle Ball Dog toy
Giggle Ball Dog Toy

Interactive Cheeseburger Giggle Ball – 2pack

Led Interactive Dog Toy Ball

Rechargeable Wiggle Ball – Led Lights

Ball launchers to satisfy their natural chasing instincts

French Bulldogs have a strong prey drive and love to chase after objects.

Ball launchers make a fantastic addition to your Frenchie’s favorite toy and collection as they allow them to indulge in their natural chasing instincts. Here are a couple of options:

  • Chuckit! Classic Launcher: This popular ball launcher allows you to throw the ball farther, giving your Frenchie an exciting challenge.
  • iFetch Interactive Ball Launcher: With automatic launching capabilities, this toy keeps your French Bulldog entertained even when you’re not available for play.

Using tennis ball as launchers not only provides physical exercise but also stimulates their mind as they anticipate and chase after the balls.


Chuckit Ball Thrower

Ball Launcher for Dogs

Ball Launcher

Toy options designed for French Bulldogs’ preferences and needs:

French Bulldogs are a unique and lovable dog breed that requires special consideration.

These small dogs have specific preferences and needs that should be taken into account to ensure they are entertained, mentally stimulated, and safe during playtime. Here are some toy options that are ideal for French Bulldogs:

Soft plush toys that mimic prey animals for comfort and companionship

French Bulldogs love the comfort and companionship of soft plush, especially ones that resemble prey animals.

Look for toys with features like squeakers or crinkly materials to add an extra element of excitement.

Some great options include:

  • goDog – FurBallz: Tough for Fun, The round shape is ideal for tossing and retrieving. Features a big, loud ball-shaped squeaker that drives dogs crazy. Made with soft, fuzzy fur that dogs love and lined with Chew Guard, these toys stand up to tough play. goDog plush are designed to be stronger and last longer. Made more durable with Chew Guard Technology a special manufacturing process that adds a super tough and durable lining to soft plush and reinforced seams.
  • Crinkle toys: often found at homegoods, these toys are usually floppy with crinkle paper inside. Our dogs go CRAZY over these toys.
Crinkle Dog Toy

Crinkle Octopus 3 Pack

Rubber, Latex Squeaky Toys, and Nylon Chew toys designed specifically for brachycephalic breeds like French Bulldogs

French Bulldogs have a strong instinct to chew, which can sometimes lead to destructive behavior if not properly addressed. To prevent this, provide them with durable rubber or silicone chew toys that are specifically designed for brachycephalic breeds.

Rubber dog toy with tug rope

Consider these options:

  • Tough Natural Rubber Treat Dispensing Dog Toy with Rope: Made from durable rubber, this toy can withstand even the strongest of chewers. Fill it with tasty treats or peanut butter to make it even more enticing.
  • Latex Dog toys: They love the smell, texture, and sound. Most latex dog toys have a soft plush filling and a squeaker. They’re great for chewing. But dogs that shred toys will definitely happily destroy these over time. as long as you’re ok with allowing your dog to rip apart toys, this is a great option.
  • Benebone Real Flavor Wishbone Chew Toy: This nylon chew toy has a unique design that allows your Frenchie to get a good grip while chewing. It also comes in various flavors such as bacon or chicken.
  • Rubber and Nylon Alligator- Milk flavored, with both Hard and soft textures. Made with durable natural rubber. Sure to keep your pup entertained for months.
Rubber dog toy with tug rope

Rubber Toy with Tug Rope

Benebone wishbone

Benebone Wishbone

Addressing teething and dental care with toys: French Bulldog Puppies

Teething is an inevitable phase for every French Bulldog owner. Just like human babies, puppies also experience discomfort during the teething process. To alleviate their sore gums and promote healthy dental hygiene, it’s essential to provide them with appropriate toys. Here are some fantastic options that can help address teething and dental care for your French Bulldog:

Teething rings made from safe materials to soothe sore gums

Teething rings are specifically designed to relieve the discomfort associated with the teething phase. These rings are usually made from safe materials such as rubber or silicone, ensuring they are gentle on your pup’s sensitive gums. The soft texture provides a soothing sensation while allowing them to chew and bite without causing any harm.

Popular teething toy options include:

  • Rubber teething rings: These rings offer a satisfying chewing experience while massaging your Frenchie’s gums.
  • Freezable teething toys: By freezing the toy, you can provide extra relief by numbing their gums.
  • Textured teether balls: These balls have different textures to stimulate your pup’s senses while soothing their sore gums.

Dental chew bones that promote healthy teeth and gums

Chew toys designed explicitly for dental hygiene play a vital role in maintaining your French Bulldog’s oral health. These not only make small dog satisfy their natural chewing instincts but also contribute to healthier teeth and gums.

Consider these dental chew bone options:

  • Nylon dental bones: Made from durable nylon material, these bones help remove plaque buildup while providing long-lasting entertainment.
  • Rope toys: Ropes have a rough texture that helps clean teeth as your Frenchie chews on them. They also serve as great interactive playtime accessories.
  • Rubber dental sticks: Designed with ridges and bumps, these sticks effectively clean teeth and massage gums when chewed on.

Toys for stimulation and relieving separation anxiety:

If you’re a proud owner of a French Bulldog, you know how important it is to keep them mentally stimulated and alleviate any anxiety they may experience.

Fortunately, there are various options available that can provide both stimulation and comfort for your furry friend.

Puzzle treat balls that require problem-solving skills

One excellent option for engaging your French Bulldog’s mind is puzzle treat balls. These interactive toys not only keep your pup entertained but also challenge their problem-solving skills.

The concept is simple yet effective: the toy contains hidden compartments where treats can be placed. Your clever Frenchie will have to figure out how to maneuver the toy in order to access the tasty rewards inside.

This type of toy provides mental stimulation while satisfying their natural instincts.

Snuffle mats that encourage scent tracking

Another great toy for stimulation is a snuffle mat. These mats are designed with various nooks and crannies where you can hide treats or kibble.

Your French Bulldog will have a blast using their keen sense of smell to track down every last morsel. Snuffle mats provide an excellent way to engage your pup’s brain while keeping them occupied during playtime.

Make Sure your snuffle mat has a thick non slip bottom!

Puzzle Dog Toy

Puzzle Toy

Snuffle Mat

Snuffle Mat – Osiris Favorite!

Comforting plush toy with a heartbeat simulator

Anxiety can be a common issue among French Bulldogs, making it crucial to find ways to comfort them when you’re away.

One of the best french bulldog toys for a puppy is a comforting plush toy with a heartbeat simulator can work wonders in soothing their anxieties.

These stuffed toys mimic the feeling of being close to another living being by emitting a soft pulsating heartbeat sound that mimics that of their mother or littermates. The plush texture also gives them something cozy to cuddle up with, providing comfort during times of loneliness.

Heart Beat Puppy Toy

Toys are an essential part of any dog’s life

By incorporating interactive and fun toys into their routine, you can provide mental stimulation, alleviate anxiety, and keep them entertained for hours on end.

Remember to introduce new toys gradually, allowing your French Bulldog to become familiar with each one. Rotate their favorites regularly to prevent boredom and ensure they always have something exciting to look forward to during playtime.

With the right selection of stimulating and comforting dog toys though, you can enhance your French Bulldog’s well-being while providing them with endless entertainment.


Q: What type of toys are suitable for French Bulldogs?

French Bulldogs enjoy a variety of toys, but interactive, durable chew toy,, and plush toys designed specifically for their needs are highly recommended.

Q: Are there any dental care toys for French Bulldogs?

Yes, there are chews available that can help promote dental care while also providing entertainment for your French Bulldog.

Q: Can toys help with separation anxiety in French Bulldogs?

Certain types of toys, such as those that offer comfort through soft textures or mimic heartbeat sounds, can be beneficial in alleviating separation anxiety.

Q: How do interactive toys benefit French Bulldogs?

Interactive toys engage your French Bulldog’s mind and body, promoting mental stimulation and preventing boredom or destructive behavior.

Q: Is it important to consider safety when choosing toys for my French Bulldog?

Absolutely! Always prioritize safety by selecting non-toxic materials and avoiding small parts that could be a choking hazard.

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