What Are Big Rope French Bulldogs? | 2 Types of Big Rope – Natural vs Exotic

By: Danielle Harris

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Big Rope French bulldogs

Dive into the world of big rope French Bulldogs, a distinctive feature that sets this breed apart. Learn what big rope French Bulldogs are, their origin, genetics, care guidelines, breeding, and much more. Unravel the allure of this mesmerizing trait in French Bulldogs.

First and foremost, please know this blog is purely informational and does not reflect our personal preferences. Remaining neutral on expanding the gene pool, as long as it is done in the proper manner.


What makes a French Bulldog stand out from the crowd? What are big rope french bulldogs?

This feature, referred to as the “big rope,” is not only a unique characteristic but SHOULD also be a mark of excellence in the breed.

However, with recent breeding practices “big rope” is no longer a breed standard, as its being intentionally exaggerated.

The article takes you through an extensive exploration of the big rope trait in French Bulldogs, discussing everything from genetics to grooming and beyond.

Big Rope French Bulldogs
Not my image – Exotic Big Rope French Bulldog

Understanding Big Rope French Bulldogs


“What are big rope french bulldogs?” is a question that intrigues many. The term refers to the pronounced wrinkle or fold above a French Bulldog’s nose, giving the appearance of a thick “rope.” This characteristic is considered desirable and is often sought after by breed enthusiasts and breeders.


The origin of the big rope in French Bulldogs is not well-documented. However, it is believed to have evolved as part of the breed’s unique appearance. The big rope can be traced back to specific breeding practices, focusing on creating a distinct and eye-catching facial feature.

The current “big ropes” have been created by incorporating other breeds such as Pug and Shar Pei.


The big rope’s significance goes beyond aesthetics. It’s often seen as a mark of a well-bred French Bulldog (if done properly), reflecting the adherence to breed standards.

While not a mandatory feature, it adds to the appeal of the dog’s appearance.

Head Honcho Of Spalding Farm Bullies, Father of Portia, Grandsire to Rolo – Natural Big Rope

Genetics of the Big Rope


The big rope’s genetic inheritance in French Bulldogs is a complex subject. It’s generally considered to be a hereditary trait, passed down through specific breeding lines. Understanding the genetics behind this feature can help breeders in their selection processes.

However like stated above, other breeds have been introduced into the french bulldog breed to create this “big rope” look such as pug and Shar Pei.

It has been said breeding standard to exotic big rope will yield more big ropes while breeding big rope to big rope will produce 0 to low numbers.


Selection for the big rope is common among breeders aiming to adhere to breed standards. While not every French Bulldog will have this feature, good breeders may carefully choose mating pairs to increase the likelihood of producing puppies with the big rope and hopefully naturally.

Breeding with Big Rope

Breeding French Bulldogs with the big rope requires knowledge, skill, and ethics.

Uninformed breeding can lead to health issues or exaggeration of the trait. Responsible breeders focus on maintaining the breed’s overall health while emphasizing the big rope.

Breeding Big Rope French Bulldogs

Breeding Programs

Engaging in breeding programs requires adherence to breed standards, focusing on the health, temperament, and appearance of the French Bulldogs. The inclusion of the big rope in a breeding program must be balanced with the overall wellbeing of the dogs.

Ethical Considerations

The big rope, though a desirable trait, should never overshadow ethical breeding practices. Ensuring the health and happiness of the breed should be the primary goal of any breeder.

Breeder Selection

Choosing the right breeder when looking for a big rope French Bulldog is vital. Prospective owners should seek breeders committed to ethical practices, prioritizing the dog’s overall well-being over specific physical characteristics.

Health Aspects of Big Rope French Bulldogs

General Health

French Bulldogs, including those with the big rope, require careful attention to their general health. Regular check-ups, a balanced diet, and proper exercise are essential for maintaining a happy, healthy dog.

Specific Health Concerns

The big rope feature may sometimes be associated with certain health concerns. It can lead to skin issues if not properly cared for, including infections or irritations in the folds. Awareness and proactive care are crucial in preventing these problems.

If not properly taken care of, ropes may need to be surgically removed.

What are big rope french bulldogs

Veterinary Care

Finding a vet experienced in caring for French Bulldogs, especially those with the big rope, is highly recommended. Regular check-ups and prompt attention to any health concerns ensure that your French Bulldog stays in top condition.

Grooming and Care

Daily Routine

Big rope French Bulldogs require a specific grooming routine to keep the big rope clean and healthy. Regular cleaning with suitable products helps prevent any potential skin issues.

Special Needs

The big rope may require specialized care, including specific cleaning techniques and products. Understanding these special needs is vital for any owner of a big rope French Bulldog.

Grooming Products

Selecting the right grooming products for big rope French Bulldogs is essential. Look for products designed for sensitive skin and specialized tools that can reach into the folds without causing discomfort.

Training Big Rope French Bulldogs

Basic Training

Training a big rope French Bulldog follows the same principles as training any other French Bulldog. Start with basic obedience and socialization, always using positive reinforcement techniques.

Advanced Training

Advanced training for big rope French Bulldogs can include agility, obedience trials, or specialized show training. Patience and consistency are key, as is finding a training method that works best for you and your dog.

Training Challenges

While the big rope doesn’t specifically influence training, French Bulldogs might present some general challenges in training. Understanding the breed’s unique personality and needs can help you overcome these challenges.

Big Rope French Bulldogs in Shows

Show Standards

Big rope French Bulldogs that participate in shows must meet specific breed standards.

While the big rope is not a requirement, it can add to the dog’s overall appeal in the show ring.

Exaggerated features are NOT breed standard.

Not my image – Velvet Big Rope French Bulldog

Preparing for Shows

Preparing a big rope French Bulldog for a show requires attention to grooming, training, and conditioning. Collaboration with experienced handlers or trainers can enhance the show experience for both owner and dog.

Success Stories

Big rope French Bulldogs have enjoyed success in various dog shows. These success stories highlight not only the beauty of the big rope but also the breed’s charm, intelligence, and versatility.

Myths and Misconceptions

Common Myths

There are common myths surrounding big rope French Bulldogs, such as it being a sign of inbreeding or an unnatural feature. Education and proper understanding of the breed can debunk

Facts vs Fiction

Understanding the difference between facts and fiction concerning big rope French Bulldogs requires careful research and consultation with experts in the field. This knowledge will dispel misconceptions and help owners provide the best care for their dogs.

Debunking Myths

Debunking myths about big rope French Bulldogs is essential for responsible ownership and breeding. By spreading accurate information, we can foster a community that appreciates and nurtures this unique feature responsibly.

Community and Support

Online Communities

Various online communities are dedicated to French Bulldogs and specifically to the big rope feature. Joining these communities can offer support, advice, and a sense of camaraderie among enthusiasts.

Local Clubs

Many local clubs focus on French Bulldogs, offering events, shows, and educational resources. Becoming a member can deepen your understanding and appreciation of big rope French Bulldogs.

Finding Support

Whether you’re a seasoned owner or considering adopting a big rope French Bulldog, finding support from breeders, trainers, and fellow owners is essential. It builds a network that can guide you through all aspects of ownership.

Ethical Considerations

Ethical Breeding

Ethical breeding of big rope French Bulldogs focuses on health, temperament, and adherence to breed standards. It requires a balanced approach that prioritizes the overall well-being of the dogs.

In recent times breeding practices are failing us. Breeders in China are developing these extreme characteristics by mixing breeds together.

A prime example would be Mork of Road Dogs Rescue.

We All know and love Mork, the dog who was rescued from a Chinese meat truck. Many people in China still eat dog to this day. Unwanted dogs get sold to the meat trade, this includes failed experiments.

It’s obvious that Mork is a mix of some sort of bulldog, Shar Pei, and who knows what else. He has skin and digestive problems such as ibs. He also has a bunch of congenital issues because of bad breeding – eg heart, breathing, and jaw malformation.

Mork is the result of these unethical breeding practices.

You may be seeing cute end products with these “big ropes” but it took generations of chaos to get there.

Many of the exotic “big rope” frenchies also have docked tails rather than the normal frenchie nub. You can check this by lifting the hair on the tail and looking at the underside for a small and barely visible scar.

Notice Morks bite, improper feet, and rough skin.

I have no problem with the desire of widening the gene pool but I firmly believe if you’re going to do it and create something new, you MUST use the best of the best representations of the breeds being used. Cleared of all genetic health defects and Excellent OFA scores.

However, these excellent dogs are used to preserve the integrity and standards of their own breeds, usually competing in prestigious kennel club shows such as AKC and Westminster. Making it highly unlikely owners would be willing to create something new with their award winning stock.

Mork Skywalker

Owning a Big Rope French Bulldog


Owning a big rope French Bulldog comes with associated costs such as feeding, grooming, healthcare, and training. Prospective owners should consider these expenses to ensure they can provide for the dog’s needs.


Owning a big rope French Bulldog requires a strong commitment to the dog’s physical and emotional well-being. This includes regular exercise, proper nutrition, grooming, training, and love.

Long-term Commitments

A big rope French Bulldog is a lifelong companion, and owning one requires long-term commitments. Understanding and embracing these commitments ensures a fulfilling relationship with your dog.

FAQs on Big Rope French Bulldogs

  1. What are big rope french bulldogs and how is the trait determined? The term “big rope” refers to the pronounced wrinkle or fold above a French Bulldog’s nose. It’s a hereditary trait determined by specific genes and breeding practices.
  2. Is the big rope feature a sign of health problems? No, the big rope itself is not a sign of health problems. However, improper care of this feature may lead to skin issues.
  3. How can I find a reputable breeder for big rope French Bulldogs? Research, referrals from experienced owners, and consultation with breed clubs can help you find a reputable breeder focusing on ethics, health, and adherence to breed standards.
  4. Do big rope French Bulldogs require special grooming? Yes, big rope French Bulldogs require specific attention to keep the rope clean and healthy, preventing potential skin issues.
  5. Can big rope French Bulldogs participate in dog shows? Absolutely! The big rope feature can add to the appeal in the show ring, though it’s not a requirement for participation.
  6. Is it more expensive to own a big rope French Bulldog? Owning a big rope French Bulldog may have additional costs related to special grooming needs and potential health care, but it is generally comparable to owning a standard French Bulldog.


Understanding what big rope french bulldogs are, is an enriching experience that delves into genetics, care, community, and more. Whether you’re a potential owner, breeder, or simply a fan of this unique trait, appreciating the big rope is part of embracing the wonderful diversity within the French Bulldog breed.

With proper care, ethical considerations, and a love for the breed, the big rope French Bulldog can be a joyful and rewarding addition to any family or breeding program. By debunking myths, seeking education, and joining a supportive community, we can collectively cherish and protect this distinctive feature of our beloved French Bulldogs.

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