Brindle and Trindle French Bulldogs – Tiger Stripes at Their Best

By: Danielle Harris

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Trindle French Bulldog
Trindle French bulldogs

What are Trindle French Bulldogs?

You may hear the term often.

Trindle actually means tan pointed brindle.

Hold on, trindle is actually brindle?

Yes. Well, Kind of.

First, what’s a brindle?

Brindle happens when 2 specific alleles combine.

“Ay” and “Kbr”. It only takes one copy of each allele to create brindle because they’re both the dominant alleles on their locus.

Brindle French Bulldog- Penny of Fika Frenchies
Brindle French Bulldog- Penny of Fika Frenchies

“Ay” also known as fawn, is a complete color coat, covering the entire body which is why brindle is expressed throughout the entire body.

Here are some examples of gene combinations of brindle:

(kbr may also read as kb on your results depending on the company)

ay/at ky/kbr

ay/at kbr/kbr

ay/ay ky/kbr

ay/ay kbr/kbr

ay/a ky/kbr

If you have a solid dog with a/a on their “A” locus and there’s a chance they carry kbr, you will need to test for it as there’s nothing for kbr to affect and express.

Trindle French Bulldogs

Trindle- “at” tan points only take one copy to express but only if combined with solid “a”.

“at” tan points are only on the eyebrows, cheeks, and paws.

A trindle dog’s dna would read:

at/at or at/a

ky/kbr or kbr/kbr.

Because kbr only affects the “a” locus this is why there’s only brindling on the eyebrows, cheeks, and paws of trindle dogs.

Trindles and brindles can come in any color including pied and Merle.


Never forget good structure started with brindle, pied, and fawn – your quintessential frenchie. So don’t shy away from having it in your program.

With frenchies now being the #1 dog, it’s more important than ever to strive for the best of the best, creating happy, healthy, functional pets, companions, and competitors.

trindle french bulldogs
Trindle Pied French Bulldog

Elsa is showing off her cute trindle eyebrow and cheek in this photo.

Her dna is:

at/at n/co D/d ky/kb em/em B/B s/s

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