Cream, Champagne, and Platinum French Bulldogs – the Beauty of E Locus

By: Danielle Harris

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Cream French Bulldogs

Cream is different than fawn. A Cream French bulldog dog is the color of cream.

Cream French bulldogs can carry other colors or even genetically be something else in combination with cream. Cream covering blue, chocolate, brindle, platinum french bulldogs, even merle.

Cream French bulldog
Platinum french bulldogs

“E” Locus

Cream is located on the E locus.

Em is black mask

E is dominant black

e is cream – needs 2 copies to express

Both Em and E are dominant and only need one copy to express.

The “e” allele is recessive (e/e), meaning that a dog must have two copies of the MC1R mutation to express the yellow or red coat color. Recessive “e/e” can mask other color variants including merle as mentioned in the Merle Blog.

Black tan French bulldog carrying cream
Black tan French bulldog carrying cream

Cream may shine through on the undercoat.

Rolo carries one copy of cream, which you can see throughout his body, mostly around his ears, armpits, and tail.

Rolos Dna:

at D/d B/B n/co em/e


Platinum French bulldogs are Lilac dogs: “dd coco” covered in cream. The dna is then “dd coco ee”. Other colors can also be covered in cream. Blue covered in cream, chocolate, tan/tri points, Isabella. However, these are not a true Platinums. Platinum is always Lilac covered in cream. You’ll find that people commonly call all cream French bulldog covering color, platinum, even I make the mistake.


A Champagne dog is a chocolate or testable chocolate covered in cream. “bb ee” or “coco ee”

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