18 (plus a few) Dog Friendly Stores in the United States | The Ultimate 2023 Guide

By: Danielle Harris

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Dog Friendly stores

Did you know that a growing number of retailer stores in the US are going dog friendly, and they especially love dogs? Many even welcome dogs, particularly those that are leashed. That’s right! Your furry friend, whether a loveable pet or a service dog, is now welcome in many dog shopping stores across the country. Even leashed dogs are allowed. From bookstores to grocery shops and even malls, the trend of dog friendly stores and shopping is on the rise, as more shoppers are welcome to bring their pups along.

As a pet owner, it’s important to know which local store managers have rolled out the red carpet for your special dog. The variety of these friendly stores will surprise you. It’s not just service dogs that are getting all the love; many retail stores now welcome pets with open arms.

This change isn’t just happening in one type of shop or store either – it’s a nationwide movement. So next time you’re heading out for some retail therapy at the pet supply store, don’t leave your service dog behind due to the pet policy, many pet stores welcome your four-legged friend!

Table of Contents – Dog Friendly Stores

Major Pet Retailers: Petsmart, Petco, and Tractor Supply Co.

1. Petsmart and Petco’s Inclusive Policies

Petsmart and Petco are two of the most popular pet supply stores in the United States. They’re like a candy store for your furry friends. Why? Because they allow pets inside their premises.

Imagine this – you’re shopping with your dog, Fido, by your side at a dog friendly stores. He’s sniffing around the pet section of the store, picking out his favorite chew toys or perhaps a new stylish collar. It’s not just about convenience; it’s also a fun trip for your pet! These retailers have made their stores a haven for animals, offering an array of pet supplies plus more!

Their inclusive pet policy isn’t limited to dogs either; cats, birds, even reptiles are welcome in this dog friendly store! This pet supply store, more than just a pet store, truly embraces all creatures. As long as they’re on a leash or safely contained. Talk about being animal-friendly!

2. Tractor Supply Co.’s Welcoming Stance

Tractor Supply Co., another well-known retailer among pet owners, is also part of the dog friendly club. They’ve got an open-door policy for all dogs that step paw into their outlets.

Picture this – you’re at Tractor Supply Co., browsing through pet products with Rover happily trotting along beside you. The staff greets him with a smile (and maybe even a treat). It feels like home! Their welcoming stance towards dogs has made them one of the go-to places for pet supplies.

Importance to Pet Owners

So why does this matter? Well, it means shopping convenience for you and an adventure trip for your pet! Instead of leaving your furry friend at home while you run errands, you can bring them along to these major retailers:

  1. Petsmart – Known for its extensive selection of premium pet food and toys.
  2. Petco – Offers grooming services in addition to selling top-quality supplies.
  3. Tractor Supply Co – A great place to find affordable yet high-quality animal feed.

These stores understand that our pets aren’t just animals; they’re family members who deserve to be included in our daily activities whenever possible. So next time you need some supplies or want to spoil your four-legged buddy with new toys or treats, consider taking them along on your trip to these dog friendly stores.

Unexpected Dog Friendly Stores: Apple Store and Bass Pro Shops, Best Buy, Cabela’s, Restoration Hardware, Williams & Sonoma

3. Apple & BestBuy – Tech Giants Open Their Doors to Dogs

Who would have thought that the tech giant Apple Store is a haven for our furry friends? Next time you’re out shopping for the latest iPhone or MacBook, feel free to bring your dog along. The staff are known for their welcoming attitude towards dogs. As long as your pet is leashed and well-behaved, they’re allowed to accompany you while you browse through Apple’s sleek gadgets.

4. Bass Pro Shops & Cabela’s – Outdoor Gear Stores Welcome Four-Legged Shoppers

Outdoor retailers like Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s are also surprisingly dog friendly stores. These stores are a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts who love hunting gear, fishing equipment or camping supplies. But did you know they’re also a paradise for dogs?

Bass Pro Shops even host special events where customers can bring their dogs in-store to try on different items of outdoor gear. Whether it’s Orvis dog beds or Barnes training whistles, these stores have got your pup covered.

Similarly, Cabela’s welcomes all well-behaved pets in its stores. Just make sure your dog is on a leash at all times in the store!

5. Restoration Hardware, Williams & Sonoma – High-End Home Furnishing Stores Going Pet-Friendly

If you’ve ever been furniture shopping with your four-legged friend in tow, then you’ll be happy to hear about high-end home furnishing stores like Restoration Hardware and Williams & Sonoma allowing pets inside their premises.

Restoration Hardware allows dogs within its confines provided they remain leashed at all times. This means that while shopping for elegant furniture pieces or lighting fixtures, there’s no need to leave your pet behind.

Meanwhile at Williams & Sonoma – famous for its kitchenware and gourmet foods – dogs are welcome too! It seems these upscale retailers understand the bond between humans and their pets extends beyond the confines of home.

Clothing Stores Welcoming Dogs: Gap, Old Navy, Nordstrom Rack, Tiffany & co

6. Gap and Old Navy

Casual clothing retailers like Gap and Old Navy are more than just a national chain of department stores. They’ve got something else going for them – they’re dog friendly stores! Yup, you heard it right. You can take your four-legged friend on a shopping spree without any fuss. Just make sure your pup is on a leash or in a carrier.

Gap’s corporate office has given the green light to dogs in their stores nationwide. So next time you need new gear, don’t leave Fido at home – tow him along for some retail therapy!

Old Navy follows suit with their own dog policy. The company encourages customers to bring their dogs while shopping for clothing. Remember to snap a photo of your pooch amidst the trendy threads!

7. Nordstrom Rack

Next up is Nordstrom Rack. This off-price department store division of Nordstrom allows shoppers to bring their canine companions inside while they browse through racks of discounted designer wear.

Nordstrom Rack’s policy makes it easy for customers to shop without leaving their furry friends behind. So if you’re planning on hitting up one of these stores soon, don’t forget to pack some treats for your pup!

Dog friendly stores
Dog Friendly Stores- Nordstrom Rack

8. Tiffany & Co

Dog Friendly Stores- Tiffany & Co

Luxury brands aren’t left out either! Even high-end jeweler Tiffany & Co welcomes dogs in its stores across the United States.

Think about it: You could be trying on Victoria’s diamond necklace with your noble hound by your side – sounds pretty classy right? Just ensure that your pet is well-behaved and doesn’t get too excited around all those shiny objects.

To sum up:

  • Gap lets dogs in as long as they’re leashed or carried
  • Old Navy also allows dogs but asks that customers keep pets under control
  • Nordstrom Rack has a pet friendly policy so you can shop with ease
  • And finally, even luxury brand Tiffany & Co accommodates canine companions during shopping trips

So there you have it folks! Shopping doesn’t have to be lonesome anymore; bring along your furry friend next time! Who knows? Your dog, or pooch, might just have an eye for fashion too.

Looking for that Tiffany Blue on a NORMAL budget? Check out these items:

Home Improvement & Hardware Stores: Home Depot, Ace Hardware, Bed Bath & Beyond

9. Pets at Home Depot

Home Depot is a haven for DIY enthusiasts and pet lovers alike. The nationwide policy of this hardware store is to welcome pets into their stores. It’s not uncommon to spot a dog helping its human pick out the perfect shade of paint or the right size drill bit.

  • A trip to Home Depot can turn into an adventure for your furry friend.
  • Dogs are allowed in all areas of the store, including the garden center where they might find some interesting smells.

Remember though, while it’s a pet-friendly environment, it’s important to keep your pup on a leash and well-behaved.

dog friendly stores
Dog Friendly Stores- Home Depot

10. Ace Hardware’s Pet Policy

Ace Hardware stores have a slightly different approach. Unlike Home Depot’s blanket policy, Ace Hardware leaves the decision up to individual store owners.

  • Some locations might roll out the red carpet for your dog, treating your canine companion like royalty.
  • Others may prefer that you leave Fido at home.

Before heading over with your dog in tow, give them a call or check their website to see if your local Ace Hardware is one of their pet friendly locations.

11. Bed Bath & Beyond & Le Cruset – Dog Friendly Stores and Locations

Bed Bath & Beyond isn’t just about bath towels and bedding anymore. In addition to their home goods selection, they’ve also joined the ranks of dog friendly stores – but only at select locations.

  • Certain outlets permit dogs inside so you can shop for new bed bath items with your four-legged friend by your side.
  • However, like Ace Hardware, not all Bed Bath & Beyond stores follow this practice.

It’s always best to contact them ahead of time before bringing along your pooch as policies can vary by location.

If youre looking for cookware in particular, Le Cruset is a great place to shop!

Dog Friendly Stores- Le Cruset

Home good Stores: Homegoods, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Ross, Athome, Homesense

12. Homegoods: Where Pets are Encouraged!

Homegoods is one of our favorite stores to go to. Packed with all kinds of things from decor, to snacks, cookware, office products, lighting, furniture and more. There’s something there for everyone, including your pup.

Homegoods has an awesome pet section, and if you’re a Frenchie enthusiast like us, you’ll find awesome french bulldog inspired items to fit the seasons.

French Bulldog Coffee mug

13. Homesense: A pet paradise

Homesense isn’t just a great place for snagging discounted home goods. It’s also a haven for your four-legged friends. The store’s wide aisles provide ample space for pets to roam around while owners shop for everything from end home furnishings to health essentials.

For those worried about their pet’s behavior in public places, fret not! Homesense has a friendly policy towards pets and ensures that both you and your furry companion have an enjoyable shopping experience.

14. Ross and Marshalls: Dog friendly stores and shopping

Ross and Marshalls are well-known for offering discounted home decor items. But did you know these stores also welcome your four-legged buddies? That’s right! You can stroll down the aisles with your pet at ease. Just remember to keep them on a leash!

These stores understand that pets are part of the family too. So why leave them at home when they could be having fun exploring the store with you?

15. AtHome and Homesense: Pets Welcome Here!

AtHome and Homesense take pet-friendliness up a notch. Not only do they allow pets in their stores, but they also ensure that the environment is comfortable for them.

Wide aisles give plenty of room for dogs to explore while owners browse through an extensive collection of home goods. The staff members are also trained to handle pets, ensuring a pleasant shopping experience for everyone involved.

16. TJ Maxx: Dog Friendly Stores and Shopping Sprees

TJ Maxx is another popular choice among pet owners who enjoy shopping with their furry friends by their side. This store offers an extensive range of products – making it an ideal one-stop-shop solution.

While you’re busy hunting down the best deals on high-end home decor or beauty essentials from Sephora, your pooch can enjoy mingling with other four-legged shoppers.

Hobby and Craft Stores: Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Ac Moore, Jo Ann Fabrics

17. The Dog Friendly Stores Dilemma at Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby, a well-known hobby store that’s often found in the city mall, has an unclear policy about allowing dogs. It’s like a game of fetch where no one knows where the ball is. Some stores welcome your furry friends with open arms while others might give you the stink eye for bringing Fido along. It’s best to call ahead and check if your local store rolls out the red carpet for canines or not.

18. Michael’s Craft Store: Paws-itive Vibes Only

On the other hand, Michael’s craft store makes it clear as a bell that they’re dog friendly stores. You can take your time browsing through every aisle filled with accessories for your next DIY project without leaving your four-legged friend at home. So next time you’re planning on getting creative, remember that Michael’s is more than just a place to buy glue guns and glitter; it’s also a haven for hounds.

19. Jo-Ann Fabric’s Individual Rules: A Patchwork Policy

Joann Fabrics? Now there’s a different story altogether. With their love for all things fabric and crafts, you’d think they’d be welcoming to pets. But hold onto your leashes – each Joann store has its own rules.

Here are some steps you might want to consider:

  1. Call ahead: Ask about their pet policy before heading over.
  2. Keep them leashed: If they do allow dogs, make sure yours is well-behaved and on a leash.
  3. Be prepared: Bring any necessary items like poop bags or treats to keep them occupied.

So next time you’re hitting up these hobby stores – whether it’s Lowe’s or Pottery Barn or even CVS – don’t forget about this guide about which ones are dog friendly! Because nothing spells love more than spending quality time with our furry friends while indulging in our favorite hobbies.

Remember though, policies can change from city to city and from time to time so always double-check before heading out with your pup! After all, we wouldn’t want our little tail-waggers causing any ruckus now would we?

And hey! Maybe one day all stores will be as cool as Lush – known far and wide for being 100% dog friendly! Until then…happy shopping (and tail wagging)!

Big-Box Retailers’ Pet Policies: Target vs Walmart

Target’s Pet Policy

Target, the red bullseye retailer, has a pretty straightforward pet policy. The rule of thumb is no pets allowed, except for service animals. This is in line with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), which mandates that businesses must allow people with disabilities to bring their service dogs into all areas where customers are generally allowed.

However, it’s important to note that not all Targets enforce this policy uniformly. Some stores may be more lenient and allow well-behaved dogs on leashes. But don’t bet your bottom dollar on it – always check with the store before bringing Fido along.

Walmart’s Pet Stance

On the other hand, Walmart adopts a similar stance to Target. The retail giant also only officially allows service animals in its stores. However, like Target, enforcement can vary from store to store. In some cases, you might see a customer strolling down aisle five with a dog in tow.

It seems both retailers have adopted these policies primarily due to health and safety concerns – both for their human customers and for the pets themselves.

Public Reaction

So how do customers feel about these policies? Well, opinions are mixed as you’d expect.

Some folks appreciate the strict adherence to ADA rules because they believe it helps maintain cleanliness and order within the stores. They argue that allowing all pets could lead to potential accidents or altercations between animals.

Others feel frustrated by what they perceive as an overly restrictive policy. They argue that if a pet is well-behaved and on a leash, there should be no issue with them accompanying their owner while shopping.

Store Alternatives for Non-Pet Friendly Outlets

Imagine this. You’re all set to hit the malls with your furry friend, but alas! Your favorite store locations aren’t as welcoming to pets as you’d like. No worries, though. There’s a pack of alternatives you can explore.

Online Shopping: The Stop Shop for Pet Parents

The online marketplace has become a one-stop shop for pet parents. It’s an easy way to purchase products without having to worry about access restrictions for non-service animals. From gap stores offering trendy doggy outfits to platforms selling water bowls and treats, the options are endless.

  • Amazon: Known for its vast product range, Amazon is a great place to start.
  • Chewy: Specialized in pet products, Chewy offers everything from food and toys to medication.
  • Etsy: For unique, handmade items that add a personal touch.

Sure, it might lack the fun of letting your pooch pick their own toy or treat but hey, at least there’s no potty issue to deal with!

Local Businesses: A Friendlier Space?

Sometimes local businesses offer a more accommodating space than big-box stores. Many have realized that being pet friendly is good for business and are happy to welcome four-legged customers to their dog friendly stores.

Here are some examples:

  1. Independent bookstores: Often cozier and more relaxed than their larger counterparts.
  2. Local hardware stores: Some allow dogs on leashes in-store.
  3. Neighbourhood coffee shops: Many have outdoor seating areas perfect for people-watching with your pup by your side.

Remember though – it’s always best practice to call ahead and confirm their pet policy before making plans.

Pack Up For A Travel Habitat

A travel habitat could be another alternative when regular store locations fall short on pet-friendliness. These mobile homes provide services like water bowls and potty spaces while you stop shop at different places along the way.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Purchase or rent a travel habitat suitable for your dog’s size
  2. Plan out stops where pets are allowed outdoors
  3. Keep essential supplies – water, food, treats – handy
  4. Don’t forget toys or comfort items that will keep them occupied

It may require some effort initially but think about the fun road trips you could take together!

So next time you come across a ‘No Pets Allowed’ sign at your favorite mall or store remember – there’s always another way around it!

One Small Problem – PEOPLE

People. People can be disrespectful and downright mean.

The other day Shortcake and I were shopping at Homegoods, where dogs are more than welcome. We go all the time! I have NEVER had a problem before in my 32 years of life, especially not in dog friendly stores.

She said hi to many people and if you know Shortcake, you know she’s quiet, doesn’t bark, and is very gentle. When she sees a person she puts her ears back and does a little butt wiggle, asking for pets and attention.

We were looking for frenchie things, dog toys, and halloween costumes. We found our stuff and headed to check out.

While we were waiting in line to check out, minding our own business, someone (lets call her Ursula) had followed us through the store and to the check out line.

I turned to look at something and “Ursula” asked if Shorty was a service dog.

I said no, with no specific tone in my voice – the bear hadn’t been poked yet. I’m used to people asking questions. (I have had a cashier politely ask me to leave/go to another cashier due to an allergy – which of course was fine)

“Ursula” quickly turned nasty telling me not to bring my dog into the store since she wasn’t a service dog.

I was astounded and quite offended actually (I don’t get offended easily)

My response was: EXCUSE ME?! This is a pet friendly establishment, I also take my dogs to Home Depot, Michaels, Hobby Lobby where dogs are welcome. Now, they’re not allowed in places like Walmart, Target, or grocery stores but I call stores and restaurants before I go to confirm that they’re pet friendly (because I don’t want to be “that person”). If you don’t want to be exposed to animals in public, then look up store policy before visiting the most pet friendly establishments in the United States.

“Ursula” had nothing to say but her face said it all. PURE STANK

Stank Face – Exactly what her face looked like

While maintaining her Stank Face, “Ursula” angrily stomped out. Sorry to Homegoods for losing a customer, but she probably wasn’t worth their patronage anyway.

We didn’t ask her to approach us, we didn’t ask her to say hello. She literally went out of her way to be miserable.

Don’t Let unhappy people ruin your fun!

Most smaller, non chain, restaurants are pet friendly as well on their patios.

Don’t forget to come prepared with your pet. Carry a necessities bag to keep your pet happy!

Complete with: Toys, food and water, bowls, treats, poop bags, and wipes!

Dog Diaper Bag

Future of Dog Friendly Stores and Shopping in the US

Hey, you! Yes, you with the adorable pup. Ever wish more stores rolled out the red carpet for your four-legged friend? Well, we’ve got good news. The future of dog friendly shopping in the US looks brighter than a newly polished fire hydrant. More and more retailers are catching on that dogs aren’t just pets – they’re part of the family. And who wants to leave a family member at home during a shopping spree?

So next time you’re planning a retail therapy session, why not bring Fido along? From major pet retailers to unexpected dog friendly stores and even big-box giants like Target and Walmart, there’s a store for every breed and budget. So grab that leash, pack some treats, and hit up these dog-loving destinations. Your pooch will thank you with wagging tails and wet kisses!


Q1: Are all branches of these stores dog friendly stores?

While many branches are pet friendly, it’s always best to call ahead or check online to confirm the specific policy of your local branch.

Q2: What should I do if my dog has an accident in-store?

Most stores understand accidents happen. If your pup has an accident, notify store staff immediately so they can help clean up.

Q3: Can I bring my large breed dog into these stores?

Store policies vary on size restrictions for dogs. It’s recommended to check with individual stores before bringing larger breeds inside.

Q4: Do these stores provide water bowls or other amenities for dogs?

Some may offer water bowls or treat stations for pets but it varies by location. It’s always handy to bring your own supplies just in case!

Q5: Are there any rules I need to follow when bringing my dog into these shops?

Typically, dogs should be leashed at all times and well-behaved around people and other animals. Always respect others’ space while shopping with your pooch.

Q6: Can I take my dog into fitting rooms or restrooms in these stores?

This depends on individual store policies – it’s best to ask staff members beforehand.

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