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Pregnancy Calculator

French Bulldog Pregnancy FAQ:

Can french bulldogs give birth naturally?

You will always hear mixed answers. Generally I do not recommend natural delivery. Due to shape and size of french bulldogs heads, smaller litter size, there is a high risk for complications.

Water babies are also a risk. Water babies are puppies whose bodies have swelled up with water often 3-4x normal size.

These risk factors are dangerous for both the litter and the mom. If a puppy gets stuck you can lose both mom and the litter.

If you would like to try a natural birth, it is highly recommended to have x rays done to measure the pups, moms pelvis to make sure pups can pass through, and establish a count of puppies to make sure everyone is born.

How long are french bulldogs pregnant?

Pregnancy starts at ovulation. I don’t know why, so don’t ask and yes, I’m aware it doesn’t make sense. If you know ovulation day, then pregnancy will last 63 days give or take 1-2 days.

Our Dog Pregnancy Due Date Calculator will help you to determine proper dates for your dogs pregnancy events.

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Dog Pregnancy Due Date Calculator

How many puppies do french bulldogs have?

Generally you can expect 3-5 puppies per litter. We have had up to 8 puppies from one litter but this isn’t too common. Genetics and great timing play a major role in litter size. If your female comes from a large litter you will have better chances of getting a larger litter when timing is correct and semen quality is top notch.

French bulldog milk
French Bulldog Milk, Collected by hand

When will my french bulldog female stop bleeding after breeding?

Some french bulldog females are heavy bleeders during heat. Some breeders swear their girls are ready when the blood lightens up. Sometimes this is true but we don’t recommend breeding off of physical signs and behaviors. Your female should be completely done bleeding a week or two after the breeding. If she continues to bleed it’s best to have your veterinarian check for infections and treat appropriately.

When will my french bulldog’s milk supply come in?

You will notice her nipples swell and develop over the course of the pregnancy. Some people have reported to see milk leakage up to 2 weeks before labor.

For us we usually notice colostrum coming in a few days before labor. Colostrum or “first milk” is nutrient rich, yellow golden, thick and sticky like sweetened condensed milk. It also carries antibodies that set the puppies up for success during the first few months of life. This only lasts for a few days until mom’s milk supply drops down, becoming creamy and white.

If your female is having a hard time producing milk, ask your vet for domperidone. Trying giving fenugreek a couple days before due date. 1 tablet a few times a day until their breath smells like maple syrup. We like to use Oxy momma Meat Treats. We start giving these 4 days before due date.

Cabbage Breast Patch
French Bulldog Nipples before and after cabbage leaves were used

Help! My french bulldogs nipples are engorged! What do I do?!

Some french bulldog females produce insane amounts of milk, more than needed. This can cause mastitis, a blockage and infection of the milk duct, which will lead to narcotization of the surrounding tissues. This infection can also spread fast. If you notice any engorgement, hard lumps, hot to the touch, discoloration of the skin, it is imperative to seek veterinary help.

If your frenchie’s teats are getting extra full you can definitely try to collect milk. just be mindful about how often you “milk” her, as this can further the problem. We like to freeze our extra milk for emergencies, it can hold for 6-12 months at the proper temperature.

Do not use hot/warm compresses, makes inflammation worse.

Cabbage is a home remedy as old as time. Peel some leaves off a head of cabbage, lay them out flat on plate or pan and throw them in the freezer. once frozen, lay them on your mommas nipples. There’s something in cabbage combined with the cold that helps to stop milk production and soothe tenderness. They also absorb fluid from the glands which helps to reduce fullness of the tissues. You can also order cabbage breast patches off amazon! We cut them into pieces and stick them to our moms for 20 minutes at a time and they really work great!

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Dog pregnancy due date calculator


The Dog Pregnancy Due Date Calculator is ONLY meant to be used as a guide.

Due date is not exact, only your licensed veterinarian can schedule and perform c section.

Pups can come 1 or 2 days earlier or later than expected.

Monitor temperature, behavior, and progesterone levels of the dam during the last 7 days of your dog pregnancy.

If you suspect your dog is in labor, consult with your veterinarian.