The History of Dog Breeding | Interesting Evolution from Utility to Companionship

Ever wondered about your furry friend’s ancestors? You’re not alone. The journey from wolf to man’s best friend is a fascinating tale of evolution, driven by our own human needs and desires. Through the lens of phylogenetic tree analysis, descent haplotype sharing, and microsatellite markers, we can trace back the identical sections in their DNA … Read more

French Bulldog Pregnancy Stages : 9 weeks of Fun French Bulldog Pregnancy Timeline Updates

Breeding French Bulldogs

Blog post will be UPDATED WEEKLY or more frequently as we progress through pregnancy with Portia!!!! Also including Dahlia! French Bulldog Pregnancy Stages Week by Week: A Comprehensive Guide Are you interested in learning about the french bulldog pregnancy stages week by week? Dive into this comprehensive guide, which covers every aspect of canine pregnancy … Read more

How Many Puppies Do French Bulldogs Have? Unraveling the Mystery of Litter Size

how many puppies do french bulldogs have

Ever wondered, “how many puppies do French Bulldogs have?” Well, you’re not alone. This question stumps many potential Frenchie mama and mom-to-be owners. In dog speak, a litter refers to the group of puppies a mother dog gives birth to at one time. For our adorable French Bulldogs, understanding the size of their litters is … Read more

French Bulldog Temperament Uncovered: A Comprehensive Care Guide

can dog toys be washed

Ever wondered why your cuddly little Frenchie acts the way they do? Well, you’re about to unravel the mystery behind their unique temperament. Understanding your dog’s character is crucial for a blissful cohabitation – it’s like learning to speak their language! Now, many folks believe that French Bulldogs are just feisty and stubborn. But hey, … Read more

Using X-Ray for Counting Puppies During Dog Pregnancy 101 | Better Than Ultrasound

Using X-Ray for Counting Puppies During Dog Pregnancy An alternative and often more accurate method for counting puppies during a dog’s pregnancy is the use of X-rays. X-ray imaging allows vets to see the skeletal structure of the puppies, which provides a more precise count than ultrasound. What is an X-Ray? An X-ray is a … Read more

Dog Pregnancy Ultrasound | When Can Ultrasound Detect Pregnancy in Dogs? & How Effective is it for Puppy Counts?

french bulldog pregnancy ultrasound

Understanding Pregnancy Ultrasounds for Dogs A pet’s pregnancy can be an exciting yet anxious time for pet owners. When your dog is expecting, it’s essential to monitor her health and that of her puppies. One of the most effective ways to do this is through a dog pregnancy ultrasound. What is a Dog Pregnancy Ultrasound? … Read more

How Do Vets Collect Dog Sperm – Rare and Surprising Method of Collection

How Do Vets Collect Dog Sperm Introduction If you’re a dog breeder or just curious about canine reproduction, you might be wondering how vets collect dog sperm. This article will cover the entire process, from understanding the need for collecting dog sperm to the various methods and ethical considerations. Let’s dive in! Why Collect Dog … Read more

Canine Progesterone Testing | The 5 Best Dog Progesterone Testing Machines

Picking a canine progesterone testing machine can seem overwhelming because there are so many options. With many vets charging over $100 per test, a machine canine progesterone testing machine may be a smart investment for you. We’ll go over options from all price points. Here at Pepite we have the Cube Vet progesterone testing machine. … Read more

How to Breed French Bulldog Colors | Fun with Genetics

french bulldog puppy teething

How to Breed French Bulldog Colors Ethical Considerations Before you embark on breeding French Bulldogs, it’s important to consider the ethics of breeding. Always prioritize the health and well-being of the dogs, ensuring that both the dam and sire are in good physical condition and come from reputable sources. Make sure you’re prepared for the … Read more

Calcium For Pregnant Dogs – Dangerous for Mom and Pups

Why NOT to give Calcium for Pregnant Dogs Calcium for pregnant dogs or feeding dairy to pregnant dogs is generally not recommended. Excessive calcium intake during pregnancy or nursing can suppress parathyroid hormone production and increase the risk of developing eclampsia. What you should do: Instead of calcium supplementation, pregnant bitches should be fed a … Read more