Breeding Female French Bulldogs

Le Pepite Frenchies Breeding French Bulldog Females

Blue pied french bulldog

LPF Dahlia

Le Pepite Frenchies

D.O.B: 11/8/20


Dam- Elsa, CKC, Le Pepite Frenchies

Sire- Biggie Smalls, AKC

Blue Trindle Pied

at/at n/co d/d E/E Em/Em n/KB S/S


All litters will be CKC Registered

cream french bulldog


D.O.B. 5/5/2021


Sire- Head Honcho, Spalding Farm Bullies, AKC

Dam – Dazey, Spalding Farm Bullies, AKC

Blue Tan covered in Cream

at/at d/d n/co e/e


All Litters will be AKC Registered

Each Gallery includes French bulldog health testing results

lilac tan french bulldog


D.O.B: 5/16/2022


Sire- Head Honcho, Spalding Farm Bullies, AKC

Dam- Zane, Spalding Farm Bullies, AKC

Lilac Tan

at/a d/d co/co E/e


All Litters will be AKC Registered

Blue pied french bulldog Dahlia
Meet Dahlia!
CKC Registered
Dahlia is our blue pied from Elsa's first litter. Dahlia is lean, muscular, and has a high drive for play. She enjoys tennis balls, latex toys, snacks, and car rides/field trips!
Dahlia also loves children and kids of all ages.
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Cream French Bulldog - Portia
Get to Know Portia -
Portia is a sweet affectionate frenchie. She enjoys chewing on bene bones, playing tug with the other dogs, and tiny plush toys for puppies! Portia is also a huge fan of snacks.
She loves going on car rides and field trips and is happy to say hello to every dog and person she meets.
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Shorty Color and Coat Results
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Le Pepite Coowned Breeding Females

  • Coowned breeding females reside with their families through the breeding process. Please do not be alarmed when puppies are NOT being raised by me.
  • All coowners are listed below each dog.
chocolate tan french bulldog
Chocolate Tan French Bulldog

LPF Ristretto aka Rizz

Le Pepite Frenchies

D.O.B: 10/17/22


Sire- Osiris, LPF, AKC

Dam- Dahlia, LPF, CKC

Chocolate Tan

at/at, B/b, D/d, co/co n/S

All Litters will be CKC Registered

Pricing starts at $4500

Breeding: 2024/2025

Coowned with Beau Bijou Frenchies located in IL.

Puppies will be available through LPF and BBF. Pick up will be in IL

All Papers will be mailed to clients at time of payment

Genetic Health Records