French Bulldog Potty Training | Are French Bulldog Puppies Easy to Potty Train?

By: Danielle Harris

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French Bulldogs are stubborn. French Bulldog Potty Training may be a frustration

It can even take up to a year to really get it down.

They like to pop a squat wherever they are. They could be in the middle of zoomies, squat, and keep on going. Sometimes theres no “tells”, they just go.

It’s important to learn your puppy’s cues. Maybe they stop playing and things become quiet as they sniff around or they disappear into the kitchen(one of our cues). That’s your cue to take them outside.

French Bulldog Crate Training Anxiety in dogs
french bulldog potty training
Dog Crate

Crate training will be a huge friend to you! Pups don’t like soiling where they sleep. So you know as soon as the pup comes out of the crate to immediately take them to their potty spot. Then take them back out before their next crate session.

Dogs and Puppies also prefer to potty on things that are the most absorbent such as your bed, blankets, their dog beds around the house, and carpet.

Le Pepite Frenchies Potty training – Early learning.

Here at Pepite we start potty training early using turf pads with puppy pee pads underneath. Turf gets them used to the texture of grass for easy transition for new families.

We have mom use the turf to establish a scent. Even though we clean the turf, pheromones are still present. Pups can still smell these pheromones. Once pups are walking and exploring, they will smell where mom has used the bathroom and will quickly learn the right spot to go! french bulldog puppies and puppies in general are quick learners!

Some breeders will use a potty box with news paper pellets or puppy litter, others will only use pee pads. Some will buy a tray, put puppy pads and or pellets in it, put a grate over top for the pups to stand on to pee and poop, which will fall through the grates, keeping the pups out of the mess.

If you’re using turf, don’t use the plastic trays unless you put a puppy pee pad in the tray. You don’t want to spill the tray on yourself or your house. Puppy pee pads will soak up all the pee and keep you from spilling accidents! Spilling those trays is a smelly mess.

For us, we begin potty training as early as 3 weeks old! They may or may not intend to use the pad at that age but thats ok! They catch on pretty fast!

Potty Training Puppies
French Bulldog Potty Training
Potty Training Puppies

Understanding the puppy’s potty schedule

One of the key factors in successful potty training is understanding the puppy’s potty schedule.

Establishing a routine and identifying signs for elimination can help the owner know when the puppy needs to go potty.

Potty breaks should be scheduled at consistent times throughout the day, such as first thing in the am start early morning, after meals, after play, before and after naps, and before bedtime.

Control your feeding and drinking times. As pups get older we don’t feed after 4 or 5 pm. This will help you to build your schedule. Young pups 8 weeks and older are fed 3x daily. 7am, noon, and 4pm. As the pup gets older we feed at 7am and 4pm.

Our adult dogs typically poop twice a day, 7am and before bed around 8pm. Puppies, usually 3x daily.

Choosing the right potty area

french bulldog potty training
Puppy Potty Pad

Another important factor in potty training is choosing the right potty area. Outdoor potty areas should be easily accessible and provide plenty of room for the puppy to move around.

Indoor potty areas can be created using potty pads or a designated area of the house. It is important to choose a potty area that is easily accessible, identifiable, and convenient for the puppy.

If you’re wanting to use potty pads or any other training aid, keep these tools to 1 spot in the house. Having these all over the place will make training confusing for the pup, thinking it can go anywhere it wants.

french bulldog potty training
Puppy using Potty Pad, moving towards the door

We always start with indoor training. For the first week or so I put the pad in the common area, then as time goes on I start to move it closer and closer to the back door. When I decide we’re ready to start outside, I move the turf completely outside.

Positive reinforcement

Positive reinforcement is a key factor in successful potty training. Rewards and treats can be used to encourage the puppy to use the potty area and reinforce good behavior.

Consistency and patience are also important when using positive reinforcement, as well as using clicker training to help the puppy associate the sound with a reward.

Consistency is key

Consistency is key in potty training a puppy. Crate training as well as regular potty breaks, monitoring behavior, and maintaining consistent rules and routines will help the puppy learn what is expected of them.

Scheduling potty breaks at consistent times throughout the day can also help the puppy get into a new routine too.

Scheduled potty breaks

Scheduling at specific times throughout the day is an important aspect of potty training.

This includes a morning potty break, an afternoon potty break, an evening potty break, and a nighttime potty break.

Scheduling the bathroom breaks together at the same spot at consistent times will help the puppy’s body learn the potty routine.

Accidents happen

french bulldog potty training
puppy pooping in my closet
Puppy pooping in my closet!

Accidents are a normal part of the potty training process, and it is important to know how to deal with them.

Dealing with accidents involves cleaning them up thoroughly and preventing future accidents by monitoring the puppy’s behavior and adjusting the training schedule as needed.

Often, Puppies will need to potty during play time. If you notice any sniffing or circling, immediately take your puppy to the designated potty area.

“My Pet Peed” Is by far the best product I have found and used! Spray and forget about it. No scrubbing, dabbing, soaking up. I don’t work for them or get paid by them but I really LOVE this product and it removes more than just peed/poop stains. Ive used it on my fiances golf shirts, hats, all kinds of stuff!

House training

House training a puppy involves confining the puppy to a specific area, supervising the puppy, and gradually increasing their freedom as they become more reliable with their potty training.

This helps the puppy or dog learn about the appropriate place to go potty and helps prevent accidents in the house.

Potty training aids

There are various potty training aids available to help with the process, including puppy bells, potty training sprays, and potty training apps.

These aids and treats can be helpful in reinforcing good behavior and reminding the puppy when it is time to go potty.

We also hang bells from the door. Every time we go out we hit the bells.

Some of our dogs don’t ring the bells but they have their own way of making it known they need to go. Such as circling in front of me, sitting by the back door, or whining.

Common mistakes to avoid

There are several common mistakes that owners make when potty training a puppy, including punishing the puppy, lack of patience and consistency, and lack of understanding of the puppy’s needs.

Avoiding these mistakes will help ensure a smoother and more successful potty training experience.

Potty training while working

Potty training a puppy while working can be challenging, but there are ways to make it work.

Hiring a pet sitter or dog walker, scheduling potty breaks during work hours, and potty training during work hours are all options to consider.

Potty training for apartment living

Potty training a puppy in an apartment can also present some challenges, but with the right approach, it can be done successfully.

Choosing the right potty area, scheduling potty breaks, and managing accidents are key factors in successful toilet training used for apartment living.

Potty training for older puppies

Potty training an older puppy may require a different approach, as they may have established bad habits or be set in their ways.

Understanding the dog’s potty signs, needs, adjusting the training schedule, and managing accidents are all important factors in successful potty training for older puppies.

Potty training for multiple puppies

Potty training multiple puppies can also present some challenges, but with the right approach, it can be done successfully.

Establishing a daily routine, supervising the puppies, and dealing with accidents are key factors in successful potty training for multiple puppies.

Make sure each puppy has their own sleep/crate space. You will create a potty routine with all pups, just as with 1 puppy.

I actually find french bulldog potty training to be easier with a group. Pups like to do what they see! They will watch the older dogs and follow suit.

Separation Anxiety and Improper Socialization

Anxiety may also cause a dog to have accidents. Crate training and proper socialization will help to prevent any anxiety and separation anxiety.

I find that most of the dogs who have accidents in crates are dogs with separation anxiety. Covid puppies were the most affected because people were home all day everyday with their pets, barely leaving to go to the grocery store. The pups were allowed to free roam with no structure to their day. Then as things started to open back up, people went back to work and dogs started having serious behavioral issues.

Even though you’re home all day, you should still utilize crate time to establish routine and structure.

This can also be helpful in times of emergency. If you have an emergency and the dog isn’t crate trained, putting them in a crate when they’re not used to it can be very stressful. They don’t understand it’s for their own safety.

Crates are the dog’s room, den. It should be their safe space. They should WANT to go into it.

For socialization, make sure you take your puppy everywhere with you if you can! This includes bringing a crate. I have a crate that I keep in the back of my car so they always have a safe space wherever we go.

dog christmas gifts
french bulldog potty training
KindTail Dog Crate

Every time we go to the vet I make sure the dogs poop. We still have accidents though, they don’t like the vet and they get the nervous poops.

Rainy Days and Bad Weather

French Bulldog potty training on these days can be a challenge! Turf really comes in handy on these gross days. Potty accidents are going to happen from time to time but I bet its on a rainy day!

I put our turf in the kitchen by the back door just in case. But they’re usually pretty good about going out in the rain.

We have a 10 foot umbrella that keeps them dry and they love to use the turf under it, or they go under the deck where the rain isn’t heavy.

Turf is also Great for dogs that are recovering. One of our dogs had surgery recently and turf really helped him with potty breaks.

are dogs allowed in home depot
Turf Being cut at Home Depot

Where to buy turf

Home depot is the best place to get turf. We get the life proof brand. The turf we have now is years old!

Don’t get it off Amazon. Amazon turf is cheap and easily ripped apart. When washing the turf, the plastic becomes brittle, starts to crumble and fall apart.

At home depot turf is found with the rolls of carpet. It comes in 12ft length, but cut to whatever width you want. We get ours cut to 18 inches and then when I get home I cut them into 24 inch pieces.

How to clean turf

Rinse turf thoroughly in warm water and use a scrub brush to loosen any debris.

Once the water runs clear fill a bin or tub with HOT water, the hottest you can get. Generously dump Odoban in the water and insert turf. Allow to sit for 30 minutes.

Remove turf from soaking and scrub with a brush if needed. Rinse and repeat the soaking.

Rinse and hang to dry.


French bulldog potty training a puppy takes patience, consistency, and a good understanding of the puppy’s needs and behavior.

By following the tips and methods outlined in this article, owners can successfully potty train their puppies and create habits that help them become well-behaved and reliable members of the family.

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