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Introducing the Kindtail Crate and Portabowls.

Beautiful and easy to put together!

Keep your pet stylish AND SAFE

The crate comes in 5 different colors and 2 sizes.

Features and Benefits:

• Easily collapsible

• The door is designed to stay open

• Lightweight pet and dog crate

• Beautifully designed nesting space

• Safe, no sharp edges or corners

• Small is made out of ABS plastic and medium dog crate made out of polypropylene, both BPA and toxin-free

The PAWD is your dog’s dream den. The kind that makes them wag their tail incessantly at the thought of curling up inside. It is a safe space where your dog can bury his toys and take a well-deserved nap. This modern, collapsible, and lightweight dog crate is easy to set up and blends nicely with your home decor. Give your pup the furever home it deserves and treat them to a PAWD.

Le Pepite Products ⭐️

I make things the way I need them based on my experiences. Check out some of the made to order items we have for you!

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Puppy Incubator
LPF Incubator

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(only available on mobile app)

  • Included
  • Dimensions
  • Shipping and More Info
  • Additional Photos

Programmable Thermostat

Heat Lamp with Ceramic Infrared Bulb


Access points for Oxygen, Nebulizer, and Misc Cords

Soft Bedding

Travel Heating Pad and Converter

Handle (to be positioned on the front door of the box)

This box is foldable for easy storage

Wheels located at the bottom

Size: 52L, 20w x 14d x 11h

UPS – Shipping available anywhere in the US and Puerto Rico

For Canada – please order a week or so ahead of time to make sure your order arrives on time – FedEx

Oxygen concentrator, mask, and nebulizer are not included but highly recommendedSee Whelping items below.

Order through us or through instagram

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LPF Enrichment Cube

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LPF Enrichment Cube

Now offering enrichment cubes!

8 chains


22Lx12W x 13.5H

Toys included – but no cube is alike!

Easy to change toys, hours of fun, learning, and entertainment.

Shipping available


$30 off for local pick up

Puppy Incubator
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If the category isn’t marked and the products don’t have a star, then products are similar items to what we use. Although not exact to what we have, they are highly recommended.

Dog, Puppy, and Everyday Items

Bringing home a new pup can be stressful, especially if you’re not sure what to get during preparations. Here are some ideas for your new addition, or adding to your dog collection!








Poopy Loops by Woof & Wonder

Code LEPEPITE15 for 15% off

Brilliant Pad ⭐️

Travel and Adventure






These car seats have been gifted to pups when leaving here and we love them!





⭐️Preferred Grinder of LPF


Guillotine Style



For Dry Noses – Recommended by another breeder




Cleaning Products

Keep your house clean and fresh with these awesome products!

My Pet Peed and the Wet/Dry Vacuum are both LIFESAVERS!

⭐️ – All products listed below are used here

Seasonal Products

It’s important to be on top of your frenchie’s temps. Because of their short snouts, it’s harder for them to regulate their own temperature. They’re also dense and front heavy which makes it hard for them to swim.

Keep your pups safe this summer no matter the breed!






Dog Toys – LPF Favorites

Keep your pups entertained and develop your bond with some of our favorite toys.

⭐️ – All products listed below are used here

Harness, Leash, and Collars

Harnesses are imperative to frenchie health. Avoid putting extra pressure on the neck and spine by utilizing a harness!






Everything WE use to whelp our own puppies

Whelping is a special experience.

Make sure you have everything you need for a smooth delivery and whelping experience.

EzWhelp Products

Whelping Box

⭐️- All products listed below are used here


⭐️ – All products listed below are used here

Recommened by another breeder, great for travel and power outages

Nasal and Weight





Use to Grind Puppy Kibble




Feeding tubes can also be used for enemas, please do not reuse tubes when used for enemas

Do NOT use oxygen unless necessary. No more than 2 days, 1-2L depending on how often the incubator is opened. Turn off machine and allow to cool down for 30 minutes every 8 hours.

Only used for medications, this is not a humidifier or oxygen machine


⭐️ – All products listed below are used here

Dewormer – 1 dose every 2 weeks starting at 2 weeks – Including mom

See our chart for guidance!


⭐️ – All products below used here

Home Depot: Assorted Vinyl Flooring 6ft x 8ft

Protect your floors! Easy Clean up