French Bulldog Stud Fee | Everything You Need to Know About the Big Price You’re Paying

By: Danielle Harris

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French Bulldog Stud Fees

A French bulldog stud fee, is a fee (monetary or otherwise) that is paid or given for using a sires semen during a breeding.

French Bulldogs have been increasingly popular in recent years; many celebrities own them, and the American Kennel Club ranks them #1 out of 193 dog breeds in 2023.

While the price per puppy may intrigue prospective breeders, it is set that high because breeding Frenchies is not a cheap or easy business.

Why do French Bulldog Stud Fees Vary in Price?

  • Champion titles, awards, and accomplishments
  • Health certifications
  • Structure – good to the breed standard
  • DNA and genetics – pink, husky, koi, hairless, fluffy, isabella, new shade, rojo or a combination of all of those.
  • Breeders own created bloodlines that is sound and stable
  • How known the breeder is

What is a French Bulldog Stud Service Contract?

A French Bulldog stud service contract is an agreement between 2 breeders, the owner of the bitch, and the owner of the sire. In exchange for the stud dog’s semen, a cash sum, the first pick of the litter, or anything agreed between both breeders will be received.

Contracts for stud services are frequently used to spell out the terms and conditions.

Our contract guarantees: 2 or more puppies with proof of proper progesterone levels from a licensed veterinarian or via our own clinical level tests.

Should the litter fail, a rebreeding will be granted, however with 2nd failed pregnancy the contract is then terminated, and it is recommended the bitch be evaluated to see what is causing infertility.

We guarantee the stud is health cleared, up to date on all vaccines and that the dog is always in good general health.

AKC registration is included should the bitches’ owner request it- which is expected.

3 artificial inseminations are included in the stud fee to all local breedings to use at your request. Some clients only use 2.

We would gladly give you the most excellent French Bulldog Stud service available.

Not only would you be using a stud, but you become a part of the Le Pepite Frenchies Family. We offer mentorship to all clients: puppy parents and breeders, for life.

Our French Bulldog Studs have the following points:

  • Registered with AKC, Tucker registered with CKC
  • All Akc males are dual registered with CKC
  • Lengthy, traceable pedigrees
  • Famous lines – including Mr. Attitude, Head Honcho, Miyagi, Don lines
  • 4 Panel Health Clear – UC Davis/Animal Genetics

Our Male French Bulldog Stud Rolo, is a superior option if you’re looking for a stud that does not carry Pied or Brindle.

Tucker is a Lilac Tan carrying testable chocolate and cream, but he does carry pied.


We offer shipping! With each shipment our veterinarian will properly extend and package the semen it to ensure the best quality. A semen analysis will also be included in the box.

What is our French Bulldog Stud Fee?

Rolo and Tuckers current stud fee are both $1500. However, it won’t stay that price for long!

As you know, quality has a price. Our studs are the best of best and both have an incredible pedigree.

We dearly care for our boys and they are part of the family, as are all our dogs.

black tan french bulldog stud
Rolo- Black Tan French Bulldog
lilac tan french bulldog stud fee
Tucker – Lilac Tan French Bulldog

How much does it cost to breed French Bulldogs?

There are a lot of expenses involved with getting there, which according to experts, are hefty:

  • The breeding dog $4k min up to hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  • Stud fee $1000 minimum and up (no shipping- shipping is usually an extra $450)
  • Color and health testing $150-250 per dog – including puppies a whole litter could cost you over $1000
  • Progesterone test $92 EACH TIME. – We have done up to 11.
  • Semen collection, evaluation, and ai -$250 each
  • Ultrasound $68
  • Xray $170
  • C section – normal hours- scheduled $1300, after hours or unscheduled- $1,800 minimum – if you’re lucky
  • Goat’s milk – $12/bottle x7 – $84
  • Protein for mom when she didn’t want to eat puppy food chicken at $3/lb ($60) minimum maybe more, Salmon $30 a side, Ground Beef $4/lb
  • Puppy Food in general $9/lb – starting when mom is inseminated
  • Oralcal $18 (calcium supplement for mom) or Healthy Bones
  • Colostrum $15 (“first milk” supplement for pups)
  • Oxymate/Oxymomma $40/bag
  • Baby bottles with special nipples – $35e or $50 as a combo pack with a syringe size. (One time purchase x4)
  • Baby wipes – at least 3 cases $20 a case- $60
  • Turf mats $40 initial set up, $50/8 replacements – turf from Home depot cut to size at home. $90 total – you may need new ones for each litter!
  • Puppy pads $20/box
  • Odoban – $7-$14 a bottle depending on scent and where you get it x2 $24
  • Kennelsol – $24 a bottle on amazon x2 $48
  • My Pet Peed $50/gallon
  • Coconut oil $20
  • Vaccines – $250 or $10 – $40 each (yourself vs vet)
  • Dewormer- $35
  • Microchips- $7-$45 each (done yourself vs vet)
  • Enrichment cube $100
  • Toys – $$$- varies as to how many we get, from where. Places like home goods and Marshall’s always have good sales on cool stuff.
  • Blankets $24/6 pack – used 2 this litter – $48 total
  • Cost of water for extra laundry, laundry detergent, electricity bill goes up because of heaters, heating pads, and laundry
  • No sleep for the first 2 weeks. Feeding pups every 2 hours (even on mom, must put them on because they can’t see)
  • Puppies make a lot of poop and pee, constant cleaning.
  • Once they’re older feed 3-4x daily mush and dry food. Mush starts with goats’ milk, then boiled water, then soaked food, then add cottage cheese for calcium to help ears stand, and then dry.
  • Puppy vet wellness checkup $150-200
  • Puppy pack at LEAST $60 each
  • Basic Health testing of adult and breeding dogs $200 each, plus more -avg $1500 per dog
  • Maintaining adults health and wellness daily. Making sure they’re up to date on vaccines and things necessary.
  • Food $75/bag
  • Vitamins, reproductive vitamins $25/30pcs
  • Training- we use a professional trainer to train each dog – $2500 per dog
  • Clean up and maintenance of the house from dogs: replacing carpet, fixing chewed on wood, replacing shoes, painting, as needed
  • Cleaning supplies: kennelsol, odoban, steam mops($100-300), vacuums(up to $800)
  • Any whelping updates: boxes ($375 for the kit including the lamp), lamps, incubators ($100-$2500), progesterone machine ($5000), air purifiers, fridge, microwave, air mattress, play pens


Plan for hiccups-

Bitches can develop urinary tract and vaginal infections during pregnancy:

Urine test x4 $52 – $208

Meds x3 $90 – 270

A pup snagged his umbilical cord, so he needed stitches – $200 (expect more emergencies up to 3k)

Reason for a high stud fee in French Bulldogs

French Bulldogs (Studs) have special requirements that most other breeds of dogs do not have, such as:

Artificial insemination

Most French Bulldogs cannot mate independently due to their narrow hips, requiring artificial insemination to impregnate the dam.

There are no negative consequences for French Bulldogs who must be artificially inseminated, but it’s the character of this breed. It does not hurt and it’s a relatively quick process. Quicker than natural breeding and no pain associated.

Collecting semen, processing it, storing it, and then sending it to its destination is a crucial process that our veterinarian team does immaculately.

According to experts, fresh semen has an approximate success rate of 58% to 82%, and frozen semen has an approximate success rate of 54% to 60%.

Osiris (Frenchie Male Stud) fresh semen had a success rate of 98% with proper progesterone levels.

He produced over 25 beautiful litters: Over 100 puppies total.

While the chances of success are in your favor, artificial insemination costs between $250 and $500.

Some breeders will do multiple artificial inseminations per breeding to ensure the female has a successful pregnancy.

We offer 3 side by side breedings included in the stud fee.

Hidden Costs

There are many costs associated with studs that you may not think of, such as:

American Kennel Club registration of the studs

Advertising the litter to potential puppy parents

Travel or shipping costs to deliver semen

DNA color testing

Only breeding healthy French Bulldogs is essential to ensure that the puppies have a great quality of life. Unprincipled people will breed any French Bulldog they can get their hands on, regardless of the health of the puppies they bring into the world.

In contrast, do not breed French Bulldogs without first ensuring that they are proven to be of good breeding health and registered.

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  1. Hey Danielle my name is Yonas I live in Atlanta area and I was wondering if you can consult me with my first stud service I want to give. I have almost 2 years old tan mearl freinchie and I never did stud service before and kind of lost in too much info lol helppp

    • its more about marketing. You need to have your vet evaluate him, package it for shipping, and include a copy of the evaluation with the shipment. I don’t personally don’t ship semen. Either way, shipping or not it’s smart to have him evaluated so you can have something to show he’s viable. The female needs to have progesterone testing done to get the best timing and chances of pregnancy. If they just wing it there’s no guarantee and if you’re offering free rebreedings you could end up getting messed with and wasting your time.


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