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By: Danielle Harris

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When choosing a stud dog there are many things you should consider:



Are they registered?

If no, then I personally would shy away.

The breeder needs to have full rights.

There is a reason the breeder sold the dog to that person with no paperwork or limited registration.

The dog was intended to be a pet.

There may be things the breeder isn’t telling you such as an undescended testical or other health problems that could be passed down to future puppies.

Or maybe it was an accidental breeding that didn’t have paperwork to begin with!

If full rights were offered or an option, and the person purchasing the dog decided not to purchase full rights, they’re most likely trying to make a quick buck without putting in the work.

Most breeders charge an extra 1-2 thousand dollars for breeding rights.

If the person is studding the dog out against the breeders wishes, they’re infringing on intellectual property, muddying the lines that were meant to be protected, not giving the producer proper credit for their work.

Breeding a dog without registration is also irresponsible.

Breeders must have a pedigree to trace back lineage and understand the dog’s history. Were there any illnesses, genetic problems?

AKC Registration

AKC is the most reliable registry of them all. AKC has been around for hundreds of years. They have a massive database tracing back line of thousands of animals. They do not register mixed breeds such as goldendoodles.

If a stud produces x amount of litters in its lifetime, AKC requests a dna sample of the dog to keep on file and all litters must be kept on file for 5 years.

CKC Registration

CKC is a newer registry. They do accept mixed breeds.

Be careful when purchasing or using CKC registered dogs.

The one thing I don’t like about CKC is that you can submit a photo of your dog, with 2 or 3 signatures of witnesses that the dog is purebred, and they will decide based on that information if the dog is purebred or not.

Obviously, no lineage papers will be produced with this.

So, in theory you could submit a photo of a pug with ears straight up, cropped tail, say it’s a French bulldog, and get approved.

BUT that’s NOT to say never purchase a CKC registered dog.

If you’re purchasing a CKC registered dog or using a CKC Stud, request lineage papers.

CKC Pedigree
CKC Pedigree

We have 3 CKC registered dogs. 2 of them are females.

They all have a long history of lineage that’s traceable.

On our females, we only use AKC males for studs.

When breeding AKC to CKC and you receive your papers back for your pups, there will be empty spaces on the AKC side(this is fine and normal- as shown above), but you can send in pedigrees so they can enter the information into their system, or you can show your clients the pedigrees of the parents.

If the akc dogs are yours, you can have them dual registered!

Send in the pedigrees with your CKC registration application to have all the information uploaded into the system.

We are currently working on our own lines to hopefully one day have these CKC lines accepted into the AKC. Rumor has it, it takes 5 generations. We are 2 generations away from this goal.

Registry Flaws

Registries still have their flaws and people can be sneaky.

“Hanging papers” is common and something you should be cautious of.

Some breeders, if wanting to register a puppy that would have been otherwise unable to be registered, will purchase extra papers for a litter they currently have and add that puppy, or even a dog, to the litter. There are other ways, but we won’t get into that.

If you suspect a puppy or dog has hanging papers, have a parentage test done, which can also be done through AKC.

French bulldog health testing
French Bulldog Genetic Health Test Results


The stud dog should be healthy and free of genetic defects. An excellent way to check this is by looking at the stud dog’s pedigree and seeing any red flags.

It would be best to ask for health certificates.

Keep in mind French Bulldogs rarely have only one copy of cddy and there’s only a handful in the world that are clear of it. This is a breed standard trait.

Good temperament

The stud dog should have a good temperament and be easy to work with.

He should not be aggressive or shy around people or other dogs.

To get a good understanding of the stud dog’s temperament, you should meet him in person and spend some time with him.


The stud dog should have a good pedigree.

If you’re breeding to show, the pedigree should come with many champions in his lineage. This will ensure that your puppies will be of good quality and have the best chance of succeeding in the show ring if you intend to show.

However, remember not all puppies are show quality. You will have to learn to recognize which ones are. There may only be one or two pups out of a litter that are show quality.

akc pedigree
AKC Pedigree


The stud dog should be within your budget and not cost more than what you can afford to pay for him.

You also want to make sure you’re aware of any additional fees such as semen collection, packaging and shipping costs of the semen, artificial insemination fees (if needed), and any other associated costs.

Does the stud complement your female?

Look at things that need to be fixed.

For example, maybe your female has a shorter back than you’d like or feet that don’t sit properly. Maybe the ears are a little wider set, or the jaw isn’t perfect.

Will your stud help to correct these flaws?

Portia is tiny, Osiris is on the longer side. We bred Portia to Osiris to correct Osiris length and we got the perfect outcome.

Now, Our Awesome Studs!

Lilac tan french bulldog
Lilac Tan French Bulldog


Tucker is a Lilac Tan French bulldog.

He carries testable chocolate and cream.

at/at d/d co/co B/b em/e n/s

Health cleared by parentage.

He is registered CKC and located in Richmond in his guardian home.

We will need 2 day’s notice for use of Tucker to schedule transportation and location.


  • Dam – LPF Dahlia, CKC
    • Grand Dam – Elsa, CKC
    • Grand Sire Sire – Biggie Smalls, AKC
  • Sire – BLK’s Kobe
    • Grand Dam- Lilac Astley Girl, AKC
    • Grand Sire Sire – Mr Attitude, AKC
black tan french bulldog
Black Tan French Bulldog

LPF Rolo aka Rolo

LPF Rolo is a Black and Tan French Bulldog.

He carries blue, coco, and cream.

at/a D/d n/co em/e

Health cleared by Animal Genetics

LPF Rolo is registered AKC, residing with us here in northern va.


  • Dam – Portia
    • Grand Dam- Daizey, AKC
    • Grand Sire – Head Honcho, AKC
  • Sire – Osiris, AKC
    • Grand Dam – London Pound Cake
    • Grand Sire – Mr. Miyagi aka Xapti

As always, included in the stud fee, 3 side by side artificial inseminations per breeding to use as you see fit.

You may only want 1 or 2, that’s ok, its totally up to you!

We would gladly give you the most excellent Stud service available.

Not only would you be using a stud, but you become a part of the Le Pepite Frenchies Family.

We offer mentorship to all puppy parents and breeders for life. 

We also offer shipping!

With each shipment our veterinarian will properly extend and package the semen it to ensure the best quality. A semen analysis will also be included in the box. – clients are responsible for these costs. Estimated to be an additional $350-500 per shipment.

Must give at least 24 hour’s notice for shipping so that we can have enough time to go to the vet and send off your package, preferably at ovulation.

What is a French Bulldog Stud Service Contract?

A stud service contract is an agreement between 2 breeders, for the owner of the female to use a stud dogs’ semen.

In exchange for the stud dog’s semen, a cash sum, the first pick of the litter, or anything agreed between both breeders will be received.

Contracts for stud services are frequently used to spell out the terms and conditions.

Our contract guarantees: 2 or more puppies with proper progesterone test results, should the litter fail, a rebreeding will be granted, however with 2nd failed pregnancy the contract is then terminated, and it is recommended the bitch be evaluated for any fertility problems.

We guarantee the stud is health cleared, up to date on all vaccines and that the dog is always in good general health in general.

AKC numbers will be give at time of registration of the litter.

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