Postpartum Depression in Dogs | Ultimate Guide to Symptoms & Solutions

postpartum depression in dogs

Postpartum depression isn’t just a human experience; it can also affect our furry friends. After giving birth, female dogs can suffer from postpartum depression, leading to changes in their behavior and overall well-being. Recognizing the signs and symptoms of this condition is crucial for providing the necessary support and care for our canine companions. Understanding … Read more

Dog Breast Milk | Canine Breast Milk and Lactation, A Wild & Deep Dive into Canine Milk Composition

Dog Breast Milk

Hey there, dog lover! Ever wondered what’s in that magic potion we call canine breast milk? Well, it’s a veritable cocktail of life-giving goodies. It’s like the secret recipe to a puppy’s super growth, only this isn’t locked in a vault at KFC. This liquid gold from our four-legged friends is more than just the … Read more

Is Goat Milk Good for Dogs? Unraveling the Truth about it’s Benefits

is goat milk good for dogs

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food,” said Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine. This wisdom isn’t just applicable to humans but extends to our furry friends too. Lately, goat milk is gaining popularity in canine nutrition as a dietary supplement. Why? It’s packed with probiotics that promote a healthy gut and … Read more

Weekly Puppy Development | Birth to 8 Weeks Comprehensive Guide

Weekly Puppy Development

Updates with Portia’s Puppy – Meatloaf! Think you know everything about your new puppy? Think again. Understanding the stages of puppy development is not just for breeders, it’s for every new or prospective dog owner. The first eight weeks of a newborn pup’s life are filled with significant milestones that are influenced by both their … Read more

Dog Incubator: Your Essential Guide to the Best Choice

Puppy Incubator

Ever wonder how newborn puppies survive their first week? The secret weapon is often a dog incubator. These lifesaving devices play a critical role in canine neonatal care, providing the warmth and controlled environment that vulnerable pups need to thrive. A dog incubator isn’t just a box with heat, though. It’s an intricate system designed … Read more

Using X-Ray for Counting Puppies During Dog Pregnancy 101 | Better Than Ultrasound

Using X-Ray for Counting Puppies During Dog Pregnancy An alternative and often more accurate method for counting puppies during a dog’s pregnancy is the use of X-rays. X-ray imaging allows vets to see the skeletal structure of the puppies, which provides a more precise count than ultrasound. What is an X-Ray? An X-ray is a … Read more