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By: Danielle Harris

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The intensity gene is a variant that causes an extreme dilution of phaeomelanin (red or yellow pigment and tan points), resulting in a cream to white coat in dogs.

intensity dilution french bulldog

How Intensity Dilution Affects Color

intensity dilution

Red and yellow pigment (e/e) and Tan points (at) are diluted to cream or white hair. Black and brown pigment (B locus), if present, will remain undiluted.

This is a Recessive Gene, therefore taking 2 copies to express on the dog.

In French Bulldogs that have a full black base, this will affect their tan points making them cream to white in color, instead of tan to dark orange.

Osiris is double intensity, with almost white paws. Rolo, his son on the other hand has only one copy, with rich caramely tan points.

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