Pied French Bulldog – Piebald, The Wonderful World of Spots

By: Danielle Harris

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Pied French bulldog

Pied French Bulldogs

Pied is when a French bulldog is predominantly white with colored spotting.

Pieds can come in all colors including brindle and merle.

S locus – Pied, Spotting

Piebald is a coat pattern.

In many breeds, piebald acts as a “dosage” trait.

This means that the amount of white a dog expresses depends on how many copies of the S allele a dog carries.

Dogs like the French Bulldog who have a single copy of the “S” locus allele will express little to no white spotting pattern.

Dogs that have 2 copies “S/S” will exhibit more white with very little color.

French Bulldog Pied
French Bulldog Pied with ticking

Pied French bulldogs can come in ANY color including lilac, blue, merle, and more.

French Bulldog Puppy 1 copy "S" allele
French Bulldog Puppy 1 copy “S” allele

Puppies or dogs with only one copy of “S” may express a white chest. However not all dogs that have a white chest carry a copy of “S”. We have a carrier stud!

Irish Pied

Some single carriers of Pied may come out looking like a Pied. This is called Irish pied.

Irish pied is not a true pied due to only one copy of the S allele but has the spotting of one. Science hasn’t figured out what causes Irish pied.

Most breeders who produce Irish pied are convinced there’s more to it than just carrying one copy.

For more information on color and genetics, click here!

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