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LPF Tucker and LPF Rolo

Meet Our French bulldog Studs!

Located in in Northern Virginia.

Hey there and welcome to Le Pepite Frenchies!

If you’re new here or haven’t used our services before, let us start by introducing you to our french bulldog studs:

Rolo – our handsome Black Tan French bulldog stud, son of Portia and Osiris,


Tucker – a Lilac Tan french bulldog stud carrying cream and testable.

Is your female French bulldog in heat? Are you looking for a french bulldog stud who checks all the right boxes?

Could it finally be time to welcome some French bulldog puppies into your home?

If you said yes to any of the above, you’ve come to the right place!

We offer a comprehensive range of French bulldog stud services and the boys have the looks and the pedigree to match!

Get To Know Tucker!!!!

Everything You Need to Know:

Tucker was born and raised at Le Pepite Frenchies, now residing in a guardian home just outside of Richmond Va.

He’s Confident and affectionate, with a playful temperament.

Currently maintaining weight at 27lbs.

✔️ Lilac Tan- Testable and Cream carrier

✔️CKC registered

✔️Sire – Kobe, son of Mr. Attitude

✔️ Dam- Dahlia, of Biggie Smalls and Elsa

✔️ at/at d/d co/co B/b Em/e n/S

🚫no brindle

✔️4 Panel Clear, Animal Genetics

Produce Blues, Lilacs, Chocolates, Isabella, New Shades, Rojos and More!!!!

Intro rate: $1500

Get To Know Rolo!!!!

Everything You Need to Know:

Rolo was born and raised at Le Pepite Frenchies.

He’s Confident and affectionate, quiet and down to earth.

Currently, and maintaining weight at 19 lbs.

✔️ Black & Tan carrying cream and coco

✔️AKC registered

✔️Sire – Osiris, son of Mr. Miyagi, Le Pepite Frenchies

✔️ Dam- Portia, Head Honcho x Daizey, Spalding Farm Bullies

✔️ at/a D/d n/co Em/e

🚫no brindle, pied

✔️4 Panel Clear, Animal Genetics

Produce Blues, Lilacs, Chocolates, Platinums and more!!!

Intro rate: $1500

✔️French Bulldog Studs Fee –. $500 deposit will reserve current prices and gives you priority over unscheduled and last minute breedings. Reserve now as pricing will go up.

Both would love to help your Frenchie have some gorgeous Frenchie puppies of her own, so why not get in touch today to set the wheels in motion?

At Le Pepite Frenchies, our goal is to provide easy and seamless breedings wherever you are in the States, and we offer a wide range of breeding services to suit your needs and requirements.

✔️ In-house breedings, Side-by-side artificial insemination: This method is similar to natural breeding, In that the stud and the bitch are both present, but the semen is instead collected and inseminated into the female by us.

Ovulation timing is important with this method, as the success rate is much higher when the damn has correct progesterone levels during heat.

If you need some advice on ovulation timing, feel free to get in touch with us here.

Depending on the area/travel time, we offer mobile services and are more than happy to meet up with bitches and their owners.

Wherever the breeding takes place, with proper progesterone test results, either done by us or a licensed veterinarian, we will be on hand the entire time to make sure everything goes smoothly.

3 in house artificial insemination per breeding available per breeding.

✔️ Frozen/Chilled-shipped semen: If meeting in person is not an option, fear not – we can send frozen/chilled semen to anywhere in the US.

However, we are required by law to only send semen to approved insemination stations, semen depots or veterinary clinics, so you’ll need to find your nearest before placing an order.

Not sure if your Frenchie is a good match? Message us using the form below to find out!


Semen Extraction and Packaging, Analysis, and Shipping – Starting Price: $450

Semen Extraction and Analysis from Our Veterinarian- Their Starting Price: $180 – As requested

Talk to Us!

The Le Pepite Frenchies Promise:

We understand that choosing a breeder can be a daunting experience. After all, you’re handing over your best friend to a stranger! But rest assured, Le Pepite Frenchies has your best interests at heart and we do everything by the book – and we won’t be strangers by the time we’re finished!

We spent 2+ years learning from our mentor before having our first litter in April 2020, and we’ve been meeting with Frenchie owners ever since.

Breeders who use our french bulldog studs are not just our customers – they are our family – and we offer life-long support and mentorship to everyone who uses our services.

Will You Be Next?

Get in Touch, Let Us Know How We Can Help!

lilac tan french bulldog stud


LPF Tucker

Le Pepite Frenchies

D.O.B: 05/04/2022


Dam- LPF Dahlia, LPF CKC

Sire – BLK’s Kobe AKC

at/at d/d co/co B/b Em/e n/S

4 Panel Clear, Animal Genetics


LPF Rolo

Le Pepite Frenchies

D.O.B: 10/07/2022



Dam- Portia, LPF AKC

Sire – Osiris, AKC

at/a D/d n/co Em/e

4 Panel Clear, Animal Genetics

Black and Tan French Bulldog - Rolo
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French Bulldog Studs’ Genetic Health Records


french bulldog genetic health test


french bulldog genetic health test

pied french bulldog
rojo french bulldog

What are Rojos, Isabellas, and New Shades?

Rojo is a dog with 2 copies of testable “b” chocolate.


Isabella is when the dog has 2 copies of Testable Chocolate and 2 copies of Blue

“bb dd”

Combine 2 copies of Blue, 2 Copies Testable, 2 Copies Coco and you have a new shade!

“bb dd coco”

Want to know more about colors?!

Click the Link Below!

Photo Courtesy of Spalding Farm Bullies

Why NO pied, brindle or fawn?

Most exotic breeders don’t like Pied at all, along with Brindle and Fawn.

I’m not quite sure why.

Brindle, Pied, and Fawn are the original breed standard colors, providing the best of structure.

We like pied. It can come in all different colors.

Pied only expresses with 2 copies.

But what about Brindle and Fawn, how will if affect my program?

Brindle and fawn are Dominant Genes.

-For example if you have: “ayay or ayat kbr/n” the dog will be brindle.

Brindles can come in many colors: Lilac, Blue, Chocolates, Black, even Isabella.

“ayat dd kbr” would be a Blue Brindle dog.

If you have a dog that’s “ayay “, NO brindle “kbr”, the dog is then Fawn. “ay” always dominates over “at”.

An “ayat” dog is then known as Sable.

Fawns and sables can also come in many colors: Lilac, Chocolates, Isabella, Blue.


ayay dd – blue fawn

ayat dd – blue sable

It is possible to breed out fawn, brindle, and pied.

If the parent dog only carries one copy of each, you have a good chance of getting pups that are NOT carriers when bred to the right stud.

Even if you like your fawn and brindle females, that’s ok too! Fawn and sables come in a variety of colors as well. From light, almost cream in color, to deep brick red.

Mix that with other colors and you can produce a whole rainbow!

Stud Contract

Included with every breeding.

The French Bulldog Studs contract Guarantees:

The price we agreed upon with the early reservation deposit.

The dog is in good health at all times, up to date on vaccines.

Litters will be registered AKC or CKC.

Less than 2 pups in a litter constitutes a rebreeding, given proper progesterone levels from a licensed veterinarian or in house testing.

Owner of bitch is responsible for any fees associated with all breedings including rebreedings such as packaging and shipping.

fluffy french bulldog

Fluffy Frenchies

You might think fluffy frenchies are a mixed breed.

However, surprisingly, the gene is a rare but naturally occurring recessive gene in the breed. Which means, for the dog to be a visual fluffy French bulldog, the dog needs to have 2 copies of the gene, one from each parent.

This gene is known as the LH gene. There are 5 variants but Frenchies can only carry 2 of the 5 – L1 and L4. Combined variants can still yield a long coat.

For example if your dog is:




The dog will be a visual fluffy French bulldog.

Photo is solely used as an example to show fluffy coat: belongs to coco the fluffy Frenchie,


french bulldog litter, french bulldog puppies

Progesterone Testing and Why it Makes a Difference

If you’re new to breeding, you may be wondering what “progesterone testing” is and why it matters.

Progesterone is a steroid hormone produced by the female during her heat cycle. This hormone is measured throughout heat AND pregnancy. This hormone is tested via a blood test.

This is important because the levels of progesterone will tell you when your female is ovulating, when the eggs are ready for insemination which is known as maturation, when ovulation is over, and when she’s in active labor.

This test is necessary when breeding your French bulldog. Proper timing is imperative.

Both for the purpose of artificial insemination and for timing of the due date.

Most breeders ONLY offer artificial insemination and allow natural breeding within their own stock. This is exactly what we do. Some studs can’t “get it in”, they may be too tall, too short, or have bad aim.

The MAIN reason we don’t offer natural breedings is because just like in humans, dogs too, can contract sexually transmitted infections and diseases.

These diseases can cause infertility, birth defects, and death of puppies.

Therefore, we require all dams who breed with our studs to progesterone test in order to guarantee a litter.

Proper timing is key for a successful litter. You wouldn’t artificially inseminate a dog that’s not in heat, that would be a waste, just as much as inseminating before she has proper levels, or even missing it entirely and still inseminating.

With proper progesterone testing, given the female is in good breeding health, we can guarantee a litter.

One litter constitutes as 2 puppies.

Another reason for progesterone testing is knowing when the litter is due.

French Bulldogs require C-sections. I know of some breeders who have done natural birth, but it’s risky.

Puppies have large heads that can get stuck in the canal. This can cause death of the pup, death of the litter, and even death of the dam.

Knowing the due date of your litter is imperative to know when to look for labor signs and when to start the reverse progesterone testing.

What to do when your female begins her heat!

Once you notice your female is in heat, test 7 days after the first sight of blood. All females are different, and all heats are different.

If you have males in your home, you may notice interest in the dam about a month before heats start. They can sense hormonal changes.

The female might get picky with food as well before her heat cycle begins.

The second time Elsa was bred, it took her 22 days until she was ready to breed – we did 11 progesterone tests.

This past heat we tested at day 7 she was at a 2.2, day 8 she doubled to a 4.5.

Since she doubled over night, it is expected the progesterone would double every day from then on, having ovulating that night. We bred on days: 9, 11, 12(unintended natural tie), 13, and 14(unintended natural tie).

Ovulation takes place between 5 and 6nl. The eggs will then need two days to mature before sperm can fertilize.

I like to inseminate when the female is at or above a 4.5-6(ovulation numbers) and repeat every 2 days for a total of 3-4 breedings.

To estimate due date count 63 days from ovulation.

If you’d like to do an ultrasound, count 28-32 days from ovulation, and Xray is usually done at 58 days post ovulation or later.

Since you’ve done the progesterone testing and you know when her due date is, you’ll know when to start looking for labor signs.

Keep in mind the “due date” is just like any other due date.

It’s a calculated and educated guess.

Some dogs, if they’re carrying a large litter, may go a couple of days early. Other dogs may go 2-3 days later than expected.

Any pups born before 58 days usually have poor survival rates.

Starting at 7 days prior to the due date you’ll start taking the dams rectal temperature 3x daily.

Normal canine temperature is 100-102.

The temperature will start to drop slowly, even bounce up and down. Her temperature will drop below 98 degrees 24 hours before she starts to push.

You’ll also start to notice behavioral changes like nesting (digging and building a nest), sleeping, restlessness, lack of appetite, possible vomiting and diarrhea the night before labor starts to clear out the system, and the biggest sign -right when labor starts- is heavy panting.

Once the temperature drops below 98, allow the dog to use the bathroom, wait 30 min to an hour and take the temperature again, if it’s still low or in the low 98s, take the dam to the vet.

More than likely, it’s go time!

A reverse progesterone test will be done. Reverse progesterone testing is the same exact test as the initial progesterone test. The only difference is that, instead of the progesterone rising like while in heat, the progesterone levels will drop. When the progesterone drops, it induces labor and starts milk production. Once progesterone levels are at 3 or below, it is then safe to perform the c-section.


There are also other benefits to progesterone testing.

You can monitor split heats, delayed puberty, and silent heats.

Split heats are exactly what they sound like. Happening more often on first heats than anything, the dog may come into heat, it’ll drop off, and then come back.

Delayed Puberty is when the dam hasn’t had a heat by the time she becomes 2 years of age. Other testing will be done to rule out silent heats.

Silent heats happen when there is minimal discharge and no swelling at all. Progesterone testing must be run on the first day to determine if the breeding season has been missed or not.

Semen Collection

Prepping french bulldogs studs starts at 6 months of age with touch and Oxystud vitamins.

Touch is key so your dog doesn’t become “shy” or scared during first collection.

Videos can only help so much, hands on experience is how you really learn! Try it out, if it doesn’t work, keep trying! Eventually you’ll get it!

Can’t figure it out? Let us help! We’ll even take a look under our scope for you!

This is a very old video, some of my techniques have changed.
french bulldog semen analysis

Semen Analysis

Total Sperm – 624 million

Progressive motility – 86.44%

We prepped him with oxystud chews and touch, vitamins, and more! We start around 6 months to get him used to the feeling.

Once males become of breeding age (seven-twelve months), their semen is then evaluated by a licensed veterinarian. Counts, mobility, and motility are all assessed.

Shape of heads, how they swim, and tails are evaluated.

We’ve been observing semen under a microscope at home as well. We use the Digital LCD Celestron Microscope II. It comes with 4x, 10x, 40x.

The Pictured document above is one of his first Semen analysis.

He was evaluated by our licensed veterinarian.

Semen should NEVER be shipped under 150 million.

All shipped semen will come prepped and packaged by our veterinarian with an analysis included in the box.

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