Top French Bulldog Accessories: Affordable & Stylish

By: Danielle Harris

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top french bulldog accessories

Top French Bulldog Accessories: Affordable & Stylish

Is your French Bulldog ready to take their style game to the next level? Look no further! Frenchie accessories are here to make a statement.

These specially designed accessories not only enhance your Frenchie’s comfort but also add a touch of personality and flair. From trendy bandanas to fashionable harnesses, there’s something for every fashion-forward pup and owner with these top French bulldog accessories.

top french bulldog accessories

Essential Top French Bulldog Accessories for Every Owner:

Here are some must-have accessories that every French Bulldog owner should consider:

1. Collar and Harness:

A sturdy collar and harness is a fundamental accessory for your Frenchie. While not recommended for walking on leash, Collars provide identification in case they ever get lost. When choosing a harness, opt for one specifically designed for French Bulldogs to ensure a perfect fit without putting strain on their necks.

2. Comfortable Bed:

French Bulldogs love to snuggle up and relax, so investing in a comfortable bed is crucial. Look for beds that offer good support for their joints and spine while providing enough space to stretch out comfortably.

3. Grooming Tools:

To keep your Frenchie looking their best, invest in grooming tools suitable for their short coat. Nail clippers specifically designed for small dogs will assist you in maintaining their nails at an appropriate length.

4. Interactive Toys:

As intelligent and energetic dogs, French Bulldogs require mental stimulation and physical exercise to prevent boredom and destructive behavior. Provide them with interactive toys that challenge their minds while keeping them entertained for hours on end.

5. Travel Accessories:

Whether you’re going on a road trip or flying with your Frenchie, travel accessories are essential. Look for travel-friendly water bowls, collapsible food containers, and comfortable carriers designed specifically for French Bulldogs.

6. Safety Gear:

Consider investing in safety gear such as reflective vests or LED collars to enhance their visibility, especially during nighttime walks. Microchipping your Frenchie provides an extra layer of protection if they ever wander off. GPS trackers such as Fi or air tags are great for keeping tabs on your pups location.

Must-Have Toys and Chew Toys for French Bulldogs

To keep your Frenchie entertained and happy, it’s important to provide them with a variety of engaging toys. Not only will these toys keep them occupied, but they can also help prevent destructive behavior caused by boredom.

Here are some must-have toys and chew toys that are perfect for your French Bulldog:

Durable Chew Toys

French Bulldogs are known for their strong jaws, so it’s crucial to find chew toys that can withstand their chewing power. Look for durable options made from tough materials such as rubber or nylon. These toys should be able to endure the daily wear and tear without breaking apart easily.

Some popular choices include:

  • Kong Classic: This iconic toy is renowned for its durability and versatility. Fill it with treats or peanut butter to keep your Frenchie engaged for hours. We also love the Kong Tire toy

  • Bebebone: Nothing but Nylon and Real Bacon for Tantalizing FlavorInteractive Toys

In addition to chew toys, interactive toys are essential for stimulating your Frenchie’s mind and providing hours of fun. These types of toys engage their problem-solving skills while keeping them mentally stimulated.

Here are a few interactive toy options:

  • Puzzle Toys: These toys require your Frenchie to figure out how to access hidden treats or solve puzzles in order to receive rewards. They offer mental stimulation while satisfying their natural curiosity.

  • Plush Hide-and-Seek Toys: These adorable plush toys come with smaller squeaky characters hidden inside. Your Frenchie will have a blast searching, retrieving, and playing with these toys.

  • Treat Dispensing Toys: These toys challenge your Frenchie to work for their treats. They are designed with compartments or openings that release treats when manipulated correctly.

Engaging Toys

To keep your Frenchie entertained, it’s important to provide them with toys that engage their senses and spark their interest. Consider the following options:

  • Squeaky Toys: French Bulldogs have a natural instinct to hunt, and squeaky toys mimic the sounds of prey. These toys can keep them engaged and entertained for hours on end.

  • Tug-of-War Rope Toys: French Bulldogs love a good game of tug-of-war. Rope toys are perfect for this activity as they are durable and provide an interactive bonding experience between you and your furry friend.

  • Ball Launchers: Playing fetch is a great way to exercise your Frenchie while having fun together. Ball launchers help you throw the ball further without straining your arm.

Ruffwear, Frenchie Friends Brand, and Frenchie Bulldog Harnesses and Leads:

French Bulldogs are unique in their appearance and have specific needs. Thankfully, there are reputable brands that offer high-quality products designed specifically for Frenchies.


Ruffwear is a well-known brand that focuses on creating durable and functional gear for dogs of all breeds. They understand the importance of comfort, control, and style during walks with your furry friend. Ruffwear offers a range of harnesses and leads that cater to their unique body structure.

One popular option from Ruffwear is the Web Master Harness. This harness is designed with an adjustable belly strap to accommodate the deep chest characteristic of French Bulldogs.

If you prefer a more lightweight option, Ruffwear’s Front Range Harness might be a great choice. It has an adjustable fit and features two leash attachment points – one on the back for regular walks and another on the chest for better control if your Frenchie tends to pull. This is the harness we use here at Le Pepite Frenchies.

Frenchie Friends Brand:

Frenchie Friends Brand, an awesome small business, is dedicated to providing stylish accessories specifically tailored for French Bulldogs. Their harnesses and leads not only prioritize functionality but also add a touch of fashion to your pup’s wardrobe.

One standout product from Frenchie Friends Brand is their Mesh Bulldog Harness. Made with breathable mesh material. It also has an adjustable chest strap to accommodate different sizes while maintaining a secure fit.

In addition to harnesses, Frenchie Friends Brand offers a range of matching leads that complement their harness designs. These leads are made with durable materials and feature comfortable handles for an enjoyable walking experience.

Red Dingo Dog Tags:

Red Dingo offers a fantastic range of dog tags that are not only durable but also stylish. These accessories are the perfect way to add a touch of personality to your Frenchie’s collar while ensuring their safety and identification. Let’s explore why Red Dingo dog tags are the go-to choice for many pet owners.

Personalize Your Frenchie’s Tag:

One of the standout features of Red Dingo dog tags is the ability to personalize them with your Frenchie’s name or contact information. This customization ensures that if your furry friend ever gets lost, they can be easily identified and returned safely home.

With Red Dingo, you have the freedom to choose from various designs, font styles, sizes, and even different colors for engraving. Whether you prefer a classic look or something more playful, these personalized tags allow you to showcase your Frenchie’s individuality.

Durability Combined with Aesthetic Appeal:

Durability is essential. Luckily, Red Dingo excels in this area by using high-quality materials that ensure longevity without compromising on style. Their dog tags are made from silver or stainless steel, both known for their strength and resistance to wear and tear.

Dog Travel Bags:

Investing in a travel bag for your Frenchie is an excellent way to make traveling easier than ever before. These bags are thoughtfully designed to accommodate all the essentials your pup needs while on the go. With various compartments and pockets, you can keep everything organized in one place, saving you time and effort.

Comfortable Beds and Cozy Sleeping Options:

Providing your Frenchie with a comfortable place to rest and sleep is essential for their overall well-being. Just like humans, dogs also need a cozy sleeping environment that promotes relaxation and good sleep.

Explore different bed options:

There are various products available in the market. One popular choice is orthopedic beds, which provide added support for dogs with joint issues or older pups who may require extra comfort.

These beds are designed to relieve pressure on their joints, ensuring they wake up refreshed and pain-free.

Unique and Fun Accessories for Frenchie Lovers:

From jewelry to home decor, there are plenty of options available that celebrate your favorite breed. So, let’s dive into the world of Frenchie accessories and discover some exciting finds!

Unique Clothing for Frenchie Enthusiasts

There is an array of clothing options designed especially for Frenchie lovers. From t-shirts to hoodies, these items allow you to make a fashion statement while showcasing your adoration for this beloved breed.

  • Graphic tees: Choose from an assortment of eye-catching graphic tees featuring funny captions and adorable Frenchie illustrations.

  • Matching outfits: Coordinate with your furry friend by sporting matching outfits that display images or phrases related to French Bulldogs.

  • Seasonal or Limited edition apparel: Stay ahead of the pack by getting your hands on limited edition clothing items designed exclusively for Frenchie enthusiasts

Quirky and Fun Frenchie Home Decor

You can also infuse your living space with Frenchie-themed decor that reflects your passion for these lovable pups.

  • Throw pillows: Add a touch of Frenchie charm to your couch or bed with throw pillows featuring adorable bulldog faces.

  • Wall art: Spruce up your walls with vibrant prints or paintings of French Bulldogs, showcasing their unique personalities.

  • Kitchen accessories: From mugs to tea towels, bring some Frenchie flair into your kitchen with accessories adorned with cute bulldog designs.

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